Woman using addiction treatment with a holistic approach to calm her down.Rehab centers approach addiction treatment in different ways. Some treatment centers take a traditional treatment approach. Other treatment centers utilize a holistic approach when caring for their clients. Although a traditional approach to recovery is more common, holistic approaches are being seen more and more across the United States.

What Is A Holistic Approach To Addiction Treatment?

The holistic approach to addiction treatment focuses on healing the whole body. Patients go through different treatment programs that help them recover in physical, mental, and spiritual ways. Treatment centers that offer holistic care usually offer a blend of traditional and holistic programs chosen to fit the needs of their clients. It’s not uncommon for holistic treatment centers to offer programs like:

Some programs will differ depending on the location of the treatment center. Some holistic centers use their local resources, such as hiking trails, oceans, and beaches, as a focal point for their physical and outdoor programs.

Patients enrolled in a holistic approach to treatment enter a strategic blend of programs regardless of the location. The programs they enter are based on their personal needs. Staff members at the facilities help patients decide what programs will be best for them. When treatment starts, programs, and schedules can be altered to help with changing personal needs throughout the treatment process.

How Is A Holistic Approach Different From A Traditional Approach?

The traditional approach to treatment usually focuses on mental health recovery. Behavioral therapy programs, group therapies, and one-on-one treatment programs are common in the traditional approach to addiction recovery. While these programs can be beneficial, they may not always be enough.

Traditional treatment doesn’t usually offer any physical or spiritual treatment options. The holistic approach gives patients time to learn by allowing them to enter programs that teach art, music, and other recreational activities that they can use to cope with triggers and cravings during and after treatment. These same programs provide patients with opportunities to express their frustration during treatment and gives them a chance to relax after strenuous therapy sessions.

The lack of exploratory treatment programs may mean less flexibility and individuality. Patients aren’t able to choose from an array of programs. Instead, they’re pushed into the programs that the facility offers with only a few exceptions. This limits the personal touches needed in programs and treatment schedules in order for patients to learn, cope with change, and maintain their sobriety.

Patients in traditional treatment may not stay as long either. Some traditional treatment facilities only keep patients for 30 – 90 days. Holistic addiction treatment centers can keep patients longer than 90 days depending on personal needs. The longer stay can help patients pace out their addiction recovery. This gives them a chance to properly adapt to sober life before leaving the treatment facility, which can increase their likelihood of staying sober when their addiction treatment is over.

Enter Treatment At A Center That Utilizes A Holistic Approach To Recovery

Traditional addiction treatment methods can be helpful. Alone, though, they may not be enough to help you get and stay sober. You need to enter treatment at a holistic center that focuses on your personal care.

At Beaches Recovery, we offer extremely individualized, holistic care. Our approach gives you the resources you really need in order to start living a full, sober life. Don’t wait any longer to start your addiction treatment. Call Beaches today at 866.605.0532 to start getting free from your addiction.