Man Considering Addiction Rehab CentersThere are many different ways to approach addiction treatment. Some ways are better than others, though, and entering an addiction treatment center with sub-par programs or staff can result in relapse. If you’re looking to obtain lasting sobriety, there are certain addiction rehab centers that you should avoid. Although they can look promising on the surface, what they lack can cost you your sobriety and even your life.

Avoid Addiction Rehab Centers That Don’t Offer Evidence-Based Treatment Programs

In order for addiction treatment to be worth your time, you need to enter programs that have a proven success rate to be effective. While you can enter holistic programs like art therapy or equine therapy, they can’t make up your whole recovery process. There are certain evidence-based programs that you should participate in during addiction treatment because they’ve been researched and shown to increase the likelihood of lasting sobriety.

No matter what addictive substances are involved, patients in rehab should be introduced to a behavioral therapy program. Behavioral therapy programs are designed to teach patients how to deal with stresses, cravings, and triggers in healthy and productive ways. Patients in these programs also reshape their attitudes involving addiction and how they view those struggling with addiction, including themselves. There are different types of behavioral therapy programs out there and they all have benefits that can last patients a lifetime.

Pharmacotherapies are also beneficial to patients who need medication in order to get through treatment. Medication can be used in order to help patients balance out their mood, work through mental illnesses, or even feel more comfortable during treatment. Doctors at these treatment centers, including Beaches Recovery, will work with patients to determine if medication is necessary, how much should be used, and how long it should be taken.

Steer Clear Of Any Addiction Rehab Centers That Aren’t Accredited

No matter where addiction rehab centers are located, they have to earn their accreditation. In order to do that, they have to meet a series of requirements that are set by an in-state medical organization. These requirements usually include a clean and safe treatment facility, a number of evidence-based programs, and a continuous effort to improve the lives of every patient that enters the treatment center and accreditation needs to be earned annually.

Rehab centers don’t have to earn accreditation in order to stay open. In fact, there are a number of rehab facilities across the United States that aren’t accredited. Those rehab centers that are missing accreditation are often lacking something that’s seen as necessary in the recovery process. They won’t be able to provide you with the care that you need.

The Best Place To Go For Your Addiction Rehab

Not only does Beaches Recovery offer a number of evidence-based treatment programs, but our Jacksonville, Florida facility is also accredited. We take great care in making sure that each of our patients is cared for and has access to every program they’ll need during the course of their recovery. If you come for addiction recovery to us, you’ll be in capable hands from the very beginning.

Drug or alcohol addiction doesn’t have to control the rest of your life. You can shape a new future for yourself by entering Beaches Recovery for addiction treatment. Don’t wait any longer. Call us today at 866.605.0532 and talk with us about our treatment programs, our accreditation, and what our medical professionals and facility can do to help you start your journey to sobriety in the best way possible.