The disease of addiction can be extremely powerful, with the ability to reach and affect people from every walk of life. Whether you’re from a densely populated city or a sleepy island community, you’re vulnerable to becoming addicted to a dangerous substance. When you realize that you’re struggling with substance abuse, you can begin to feel completely trapped inside of your addiction. The trap of addiction could then become more effective as you begin to lose your self-confidence, as you could fall deeper into the cycle of substance abuse.

It’s important that you understand that you’re not alone in the fog of addiction, no matter how lonely it may feel. People from all walks of life are struggling just like you, feeling stuck and hopeless in their cycle of substance abuse. Last year, a report by revealed that the amount of people seeking heroin treatment in the FL Keys had increased 33% between March and July of 2015, which was up from the 23% increase recorded in the three months prior. As more people seek out professional care, such as a rehab in the FL Keys, others continue to fall through the cracks until it is too late.

Is It Time to Seek Out the Aid of a Rehab in FL Keys?

Once you acknowledge that you’re stuck in the depths of addiction, you’ll need to begin considering your options for an escape from the disease. If you’re looking into a rehab in FL Keys or something else nearby, remember to compare the programs that are available until you find one that fits your situation. Research the treatment offered by each recovery program, find out whether or not they are an accredited program that uses evidence-based treatments, and compare the benefits of each program. Choosing the wrong treatment center may have negative consequences on your road to recovery.

Is a Rehab in FL Keys Too Close to Your Triggers?

While you may not be fully aware of it, the area that you’re most familiar could host a number of dangerous influences that potentially contribute to your addiction. Despite the convenience of a rehab in FL Keys, it may be too close to your local stomping grounds to be an effective recovery option. You may not realize the subconscious triggers that are hidden throughout your hometown, with the added danger of enablers or other negative social influences around the area as well. By choosing an alternative option to a rehab in FL Keys, you will be putting much needed distance between yourself and those local factors that could compromise your treatment.

Finding the Best Alternative

There’s an alternative on the Florida mainland, with a program designed from the ground up to give you the tools needed to overcome the disease of addiction. Located in Jacksonville, FL, Beaches Recovery offers an intensive outpatient treatment program that will educate you about the disease of addiction and the way it has impacted your life. As you learn more about your addiction, you will also learn how to overcome the disease and move forward with your life in a productive and healthy way. When you leave recovery equipped with the knowledge and tools to take on addiction, you will have a better chance of maintaining your sobriety for good. If you have had enough of the cycle of substance abuse and you’re ready to take your life back, call Beaches Recovery today at 866-605-0532.