Woman in group in Accredited Middleburg, Florida Drug Rehab FacilityMiddleburg, FL, isn’t too far from Jacksonville, FL, so the alcohol and heroin problems from the nearby major city tend to spill over into Middleburg. Jacksonville, Florida, has thousands of people each year who are abusing different drugs or alcohol.

Each year, there are approximately 4,481 people arrested in Jacksonville, Florida, for drug-related crimes, and nearly 3,400 people get DUIs. The number of people abusing prescription medications and alcohol is in the tens of thousands, and while the heroin addiction statistics are much lower, they continue to rise. This happens because young people are beginning to use drugs or drink at a younger age than ever before, and they’re much more likely to become addicted. Many are in need of an accredited Middleburg, Florida drug rehab facility.

How an Alcohol or Prescription Drug Addiction Escalates in Middleburg, Florida

People don’t start out as young children thinking they’ll need to go to an alcohol and heroin rehab someday, but many individuals in Florida cities like Middleburg are getting admitted each year. Most people don’t understand how dangerous the disease of addiction actually is. It’s the only illness you can have that tells you nothing is wrong!

What happens for most addicts is that they’ll begin abusing alcoholic beverages or gateway drugs like prescription painkillers to deal with the stresses of everyday life, but their tolerance and dependence eventually leads them to a dangerous drug like heroin. An accredited Middleburg, Florida drug rehab facility can help.

Getting Detoxed at an Accredited Middleburg, Florida Drug Rehab Facility

Those who are alcoholics or addicts build up a high dependency on the substances, so it’s important that they go through a rehab that provides a detox program. Detoxification is very important because the symptoms of withdrawal are one of the main reasons people relapse, so it’s important to make the detox process as comfortable as possible. While in a rehab center going through the detoxification process, the medical staff provides addicts with medications that help lessen the symptoms of withdrawal by making the brain believe the person is still using. Non-narcotic medications like Librium, Suboxone and Naltrexone are often used to help alcoholics and heroin addicts.

No matter how old you are in Middleburg, Florida, or how hopeless your situation may seem, a qualified rehab can help you. Rehab is designed to not only help you stop using drugs, but it’s also meant to teach you a new way to live that doesn’t require putting any type of mind-altering substances in your body. Many people who have gone to drug rehabs were once addicts in your exact same situation, but now they’re leading incredible lives thanks to their sobriety.

Your life in Middleburg is compromised every day when you have an addiction. Call Beaches Recovery today at 904.615.6361 and take your life back!