Best Alcohol and Heroin Rehab for Fernandina Beach, FloridaThe small beach community of Fernandina Beach, Florida (FL), may be a very long way from the wild, drug-fueled party scene of Miami Beach. But behind the nice houses and beautiful beachfront lurks a dirty little secret many residents don’t know about: drug abuse.

Substance Abuse Issues in Fernandina Beach, Florida

While small in stature and mature by nature, there is most definitely a resident group of addicts suffering from alcohol abuse and drug addiction to drugs like heroin and prescription medications who are living in Fernandina Beach. Fortunately, the city has a relatively low ratio of drug arrests to total arrests as reported by The Pew Center in 2013. However, further analysis shows the city still has a fair amount of illegal activity going on within its boundaries, a clear indication no city is immune from drug abuse issues. The city’s issues with alcohol and heroin may not yet be epidemic, but the close proximity to a major city like Jacksonville, Florida, means that the supply of illicit drugs isn’t far away.

Detox and Rehab Services for Small Florida Communities

Smaller communities like Fernandina Beach are subject to having limited detox and rehab facilities due to population size. As an alternative, addicts should consider looking in other areas of the state to find the resources they need to help them recover from alcohol and heroin addiction problems. While it could be necessary, it also should be seen as advantageous to leave behind the temptations and possible bad influences of home to ensure complete focus on the task at hand, which is recovery.

Introducing the Benefits of Detox and Rehab

The single best solution for alcohol and heroin addiction is rehab. In the beginning, the detox process is made available as a means to eliminate residual substances in the body. These substances are poisons that serve only to slow down the recovery. The recovery process requires intensive counseling and soul searching, which helps addicts identify the potential destructiveness of their illness and gives them the tools to fight against any desires to keep on using.

As an addict in a small community like Fernandina Beach, Florida (FL), you must be prepared to do what it takes to save your own life from addiction. That includes admitting you need help because you can’t recover from your addiction on your own. It also means you have to pick up the phone, call a professional substance abuse rehabilitation facility and make the commitment to come in and do the work with recovery and a better life as your goals.

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