Dealing With Drug and Alcohol Addiction in Florida

Options Beyond Fort Lauderdale Alcohol Addiction TreatmentIf you live in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and you’re addicted to alcohol or any other drug, such as heroin or cocaine, you need the help of a professional detox and rehab center. If this is your current predicament, you are far from alone. There are thousands of residents in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida (FL) who are also struggling with drug and alcohol abuse.

In fact, in recent months, it has been discovered that Florida deaths from heroin overdoses or related injuries have reached an all-time high. Heroin is one of the most difficult drugs to stop using and abusing, so it’s especially problematic as a widespread issue.

This is a frightening reality for most Floridians as heroin gets increasingly closer to home. Fortunately for those who know that they have a problem, effective drug and alcohol rehab is available for all.

The Benefits of Detox and Rehab for Ft. Lauderdale Residents

Those residents of Ft. Lauderdale who need to stop using drugs need the benefits of a professional treatment center. Here, they will go through the detox process, and they will receive quality counseling and therapy from professionals in the field of addiction recovery.

The detoxification process involves physically taking the body off of intoxicating substances. Sometimes, it can be difficult for patients, but there will be doctors and medical staff nearby who can ease the process.

Certain drugs are especially difficult when it comes to going through detoxification. They may cause a lot of withdrawal symptoms that are not only uncomfortable, but can also be life threatening. That’s why you need professionals nearby to monitor all of your vital signs and overall health.


There are Options Beyond a Fort Lauderdale Alcohol Addiction Treatment Facility

Only a short flight or several hours’ drive north of Fort Lauderdale is a quality intensive outpatient program that provides unparalleled focus and strength in recovery for patients seeking Fort Lauderdale alcohol addiction treatment. This intensive outpatient program (IOP) provides patients with the opportunity to live in a recovery residence with peers in recovery, instead of within a hospital or inpatient setting.


This community freedom provides recovering patients with the ability to use acquired life skills in a real world setting on a daily basis. Combined with a comprehensive array of therapies provided each day, this more independent setting of living ensures readiness of patients for everyday life when returning to home communities. The public community around Beaches Recovery is highly supportive of recovery. This positive environment for early recovery is uplifting, encouraging and educational toward ensuring best strength against temptations, triggers and other motivators of substance abuse.


As part of intensive outpatient program participation, patients of Fort Lauderdale alcohol addiction treatment attend a multitude of individual and group therapies. These therapies ensure the whole patient is treated toward overall wellness and readiness for a better, more fulfilling and productive life of sobriety. The open, honest and safe environment of Beaches Recovery is the perfect setting for addressing personal addiction history and underlying issues that led to substance abuse. Patients searching for an intensive outpatient Fort Lauderdale alcohol addiction treatment facility can enjoy the close proximity of Beaches Recovery to home, yet also benefit from the confidentiality and privacy the slight distance from Fort Lauderdale the program provides.


Outpatient Programs Extend Fort Lauderdale Alcohol Addiction Treatment


When inpatient, residential or PHP care for addiction treatment have passed beyond the standard initial 14 to 28 days, an option for continuation of treatment is an outpatient program. This program provides patients who have achieved early recovery with extended treatment offering more flexible scheduling, broad availability for therapies and individualized treatment plans.

Many patients are unable to extend stays in residential or inpatient Fort Lauderdale alcohol addiction treatment beyond the initial period of medical need. Whether insurance requires transition to outpatient care, work is causing problems for longer time spent in rehab, or school scheduling is an issue, outpatient treatment can provide a great option to those seeking Fort Lauderdale alcohol addiction treatment and need additional support and guidance into recovery. Intensive outpatient and outpatient programs can fit into anyone’s life for the strong recovery wanted and needed so much. After all, it is very important that you gain the right treatment the first time, in order to be best prepared for life ahead in sobriety.


Facets of Intensive Outpatient and Outpatient Programs


Outpatient program care included as part of Fort Lauderdale alcohol addiction treatment at Beaches Recovery utilizes only the most effective evidence-based practices in combination with dual diagnosis treatment and holistic therapies needed to ensure a well-rounded approach to overall wellness in recovery. Individualized treatment plans focus on personal needs for overcoming addiction and maintaining long-term recovery for those seeking Fort Lauderdale alcohol addiction treatment.


Group therapy plays a significant role in both outpatient and IOP programs at Beaches Recovery, as does individual counseling. In group therapy, peer support and feedback are critical to development of greater self-awareness and socialization in preparation for social immersion back into patients’ home communities. Most Fort Lauderdale alcohol addiction treatment patients enjoy group therapy and look forward to these sessions as outpatients of Beaches Recovery. Individual counseling provides greater focus on subjects unique to the individual, or those that need greater one-on-one exploration with a therapist.


Dual-diagnosis treatment is also a major component of therapeutic and medical care for Fort Lauderdale alcohol addiction treatment patients. Beaches Recovery provides diagnosis and treatment of co-occurring conditions such as:


  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Trauma
  • Post traumatic stress disorder
  • Obsessive compulsive disorder
  • Other mental conditions


For those seeking Fort Lauderdale alcohol addiction treatment, patients can gain lasting and complete recovery. Through dual diagnosis treatment, co-occurring disorders in patients can be treated simultaneously with their addiction. Treatment may take place in outpatient or IOP programs as a continuation from inpatient, residential or PHP care. Patients are educated regarding their co-occurring condition and provided with guidance in how to medically manage the disorder, as appropriate.

Finding a Rehab and Detox Center for Ft. Lauderdale, Florida (FL) Residents

When you’re ready to take the next step for your recovery, you should congratulate yourself. Admitting that you have an addiction problem is extremely difficult. You will need to not only admit that you have a problem to your peers and family, but you will also need to tell this to yourself. It’s difficult for some people, but it must be done to finally reach sobriety.

The answer to overcoming addiction will always be professional addiction treatment. To get the addiction treatment you or your loved one needs, contact Beaches Recovery at 904.615.6361 today and discover your path to recovery.