Premier Alcohol and Heroin Rehab for St. Augustine, FloridaSubstance abuse has been an issue in St. Augustine, FL, for years, and those who have become addicted aren’t always who you would think. Those addicted to alcohol and heroin aren’t always living on the streets, many people in St. Augustine, FL, who are becoming addicted have completely normal lives, or they used to. Alcohol and heroin addicts in St. Augustine, Florida, are everyday people that may be loved ones, coworkers or your children.

Teen Heroin and Alcohol Abuse in St. Augustine, Florida

Across the entire United States heroin and alcohol addiction is happening to people at a younger age than ever, and St. Augustine, Florida, is no exception. For example, three young men were arrested in a drug sting in St. Augustine for possession of cannabis as well as cocaine and paraphernalia, and although this may not seem like a big deal, stories like this happen day in and day out in Florida. Many teens and people in their early 20s use cannabis as a gateway drug. Although more and more states are beginning to legalize weed, it can actually be a significant problem for those with the genetic markers of an addict.

Rehab for People in Florida

There are a different types of rehab facilities that have proven to be beneficial to those who are struggling with addiction in St. Augustine. Inpatient and outpatient rehab centers have a trained staff of people who understand addiction or are former addicts themselves. Even staff members who don’t have a personal history with substance abuse often have some type of story as to why they chose to get into the field, and they’re passionate about helping addicts recover from a seemingly hopeless state.

The first step in the rehabilitation process occurs when people go through detox. This is an important stage of recovery because it helps cleanse the body of the substances they’ve been abusing. The medical staff at the treatment facility will try their best to make detox as painless as possible, and they’ll prescribe medications that can minimize the symptoms of withdrawal.

Those who would like to have a fresh start when they begin a life of recovery can choose to go through a holistic detox. When people opt to do a holistic detox, they’ll do physical activities like yoga and exercise to help regenerate muscle tissue and help circulate their blood. Meditation is also used for holistic detoxification, and it helps relax the mind and alleviate anxieties.

No matter whether people choose inpatient or outpatient rehab, this is the best way for them to begin a life of recovery. Nobody is ever too young or too old to recover from addiction, and they can go on to have a second chance at life that they never knew was possible.

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