Can A Lake Worth, FL Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center Give You All You Need?Of all of the substances people entered addiction treatment in Palm Beach County for in 2015, alcohol has the most common at 34%. More than 1,000 people walked into Palm Beach County, FL alcohol addiction treatment centers last year in the hopes of starting a sober life. If you live in or near Lake Worth and you’re looking for an addiction treatment center, those numbers might look promising. Unfortunately, staying close to home during treatment and recovery can actually keep you from living the sober life you really want.

Why A Lake Worth Addiction Treatment Center May Not Work For You

Throughout your addiction treatment, you’re going to be asked to deal with some issues that can be very uncomfortable, especially early in your recovery. Some people might think that sticking close to home, and the familiar comforts that come with it, could make it easier to get through the rough patches. In fact, those familiar locations can be a major trigger for your addiction.

When you live in an area, you’re likely going to have memories about certain streets, bars and homes. If you’re struggling with alcohol addiction, many of these memories are going to involve drinking. Putting yourself around those familiar locations can trigger the addictive habits you’re trying so hard to avoid. Instead of focusing on your treatment, you could look out of the window and be flooded with these memories and a deep, sudden urge to drink, even though you’re trying to quit.

The urges are easier to give into when you know exactly where to go for a drink and that location is only a few moments away from your treatment center of choice. The key is to find a FL alcohol addiction treatment center that will provide you with the care you need while giving you distance from the familiar locations that could trigger unwanted urges.

An Alternative To A Lake Worth, FL Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center

There are many addiction treatment centers in Florida, but not all of them help people struggling with alcohol abuse. Others might not offer you programs that you want or need. Instead, they could throw you into therapies that could help, but aren’t adapted to you and what you really need to learn in order to live a life without alcohol.

Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville, Florida can help you. At our 90-bed location, you will be surrounded by medical professionals who are trained to help you through your specific problems. While patients do come into our treatment center with alcohol abuse problems frequently, we understand that you are an individual with your own issues. That’s why each program we have can be adapted to lessons you want to learn. We can even teach you different coping mechanisms and skills to use once you leave our treatment facility.

Staying In Lake Worth Isn’t The Answer

Dealing with a FL alcohol addiction can be difficult. Going through addiction treatment in Lake Worth isn’t going to help you, though. The local area and familiar surroundings are likely to only lead you back to your addictive lifestyle. Our team at Beaches Recovery has helped many people through their FL alcohol addiction, and we can help you too.

Don’t keep suffering with your Lake Worth, FL alcohol addiction. Reach past the familiar locations around you and find the help that you really need. Call Beaches Recovery today at 8666050532 and talk with our trained staff about what treatment options we have for you.