Fentanyl in Jacksonville Blamed for the Uptick in Drug Overdoses

Once opiate addiction has you in its grip, breaking free on your own is difficult. The more that you try to avoid abusing opiates, the more you find yourself trapped in the endless cycle of addiction without a sign of progress. While you may believe that you are capable of stopping at anytime, you are actually sabotaging yourself by giving the addiction time to cause more damage.

All over the state of Florida, opiate abuse has continued to crush lives in its wake. From the cities to the suburbs, people have struggled with addictions to heroin and fentanyl. In March, News 4 Jax reported that heroin related deaths increased 265% between 2014 and 2015. This terrifying trend shows that despite the numerous resources available to people suffering from addiction, the people continue struggling to find adequate care. If you find yourself at the mercy of substances such as heroin and fentanyl in Jacksonville, you need to reach out to a professional recovery program that can help you overcome your addiction.

Addressing an Addiction to Fentanyl in Jacksonville

Acknowledging the problem is the first step that you need to take toward recovery. If you are ready to address your addiction to fentanyl in Jacksonville, you need to begin considering your available options. It’s important that you weigh all of the recovery programs that are offered, as it will be a very important decision for you moving forward. Additionally, it is also important that you understand the damage being done by fentanyl in Jacksonville, as it will help you understand that anyone could be in your position.

Understanding the Impact that Fentanyl in Jacksonville Has Had on the Number of Overdoses

Though you may be aware that it is always dangerous to abuse opiates, the recent uptick in deaths related to fentanyl in Jacksonville tells you the substance’s impact. Fentanyl is significantly more powerful than both heroin and morphine, while synthetic fentanyl has also been used to drive down prices. The increased potency combined with its accessibility has made fentanyl in Jacksonville an unstoppable force, which has cut its way through the population of Florida and other communities nationwide.

Finding the Right Recovery Program for Your Addiction

When you begin to understand just how dangerous your addictions have become, you will need to seek out the best professional care. Selecting a recovery program can be a difficult choice at first, as there are a number of factors that could affect your decision. Be sure to do your research on the recovery programs you are able to find, so that you can select the best option to fit your specialized needs.

If you are considering local treatment, take a look at Beaches Recovery. Located right in Jacksonville, it’s both a convenient and an effective choice. Beaches Recovery offers partial hospitalized treatment, as well as an intensive outpatient treatment program designed to help you overcome your addiction with the freedoms you would enjoy in your regular life still available. You can’t take on opiate addiction by yourself. Call Beaches Recovery today at 8666050532 and take your life back from the tight grip of addiction before it’s too late.