woman after drug detox talking to woman about rehab centersAfter going through an extended period of time fighting your addiction to drugs or alcohol, you are surely weary from the battle and desperately in need of help. Every day that you delay getting professional help moves you another day closer to the possibility of seriously impaired health, prison, or even death. But how do you sort through all of the rehab centers available?

Consider Rehab Centers in Jacksonville, FL

Narrow down your search by picking a location. If you live in or near Florida, you can take great comfort in knowing that quality treatment is available closer to home than you think. In the northern part of the state, you will find there are a number of reputable rehab centers in Jacksonville, FL. When you reach the point when you’re ready to admit you have an illness and need professional help, you should strongly consider sitting down and doing what it takes to locate one of the top rehab centers in Jacksonville, FL.

10 Tips to Help Sort Through The Slew of Rehab Centers in Jacksonville FL

At this point in your life, you must have a lot on your plate to think about. In an effort to help you focus on finding the right treatment facility, here are 10 tips to make the selection process a little bit easier:

1. Relocate for Treatment if Possible

It’s very difficult to focus on treatment when you have continual exposure to the people and triggers that drive your addiction. Traveling to another city or state gets rid of old influences. When you return home, you’ll be strong enough and have the support to face or selectively avoid these triggers.

2. Make the Quality of Treatment Your First Concern

If you have the means (especially through insurance) to get the best possible treatment no matter what the cost, get the highest quality of treatment you can afford. Find a highly accredited and reviewed rehab facility and tour their location. The longer one participates in treatment, the higher their success rate. Join the best rehab center from drug and alcohol detox to aftercare programs.

3. Licensing

You should only consider facilities that are licensed by the state. Furthermore, you want to verify that key staff members are licensed and certified in addiction treatment. Check if their website has the seal of the Joint Commission. This seal means the rehab centers meet its strict requirements each time they visit.

4. Treatment Options

You want to concentrate on treatment facilities that offer treatment programs that best suit your unique needs. They should offer programs specialized to the substance you struggle with, such as the following:

5. Personalized Treatment

Do the rehab centers use a one-size-fits-all approach or do they design much preferred personalized programs for each patient? Some individuals may be able to take medical leave from work to start residential treatment while others need to continue to work and attend an outpatient program.

At Beaches Recovery you’ll find a variety of personalized programs including:

There are more programs based on experiences, such as:

6. Treatment Modalities

You want to focus on rehab centers that use treatment modalities that make you feel comfortable with the process. Would you feel more comfortable in a medically supervised program?

7. Family Participation

You should lean toward rehab centers that encourage family participation during the treatment process. This will help create a better support system. Find out if your loved ones can get involved in more ways than family therapy.

8. Modern Treatment Options

You should consider facilities that offer dual diagnosis treatment, as well as modern holistic treatment options like the following:

9. Aftercare Programs

You should consider rehab centers that provide aftercare and follow-up sessions after the base treatment program has been completed. There should be many options for support and guidance after you leave the facility.

10. Access to Other Specialists

You should inquire about access to other medical staff to address issues like detox or health issues related to your addiction. Do they have specialists for mental health disorders like ADHD or bipolar disorder?

One of the Best Rehab Centers in Jacksonville FL

There are many things to consider when choosing the right rehab centers. It’s worth noting the Beaches Recovery facility in Jacksonville has a reputation as one of the best treatment centers in the state. Our rehab center uses the 12-Steps of Recovery as the basis for the treatment program. Guests are treated in either an intensive outpatient and partial hospitalization treatment program with an emphasis on individual and group counseling. In an environment that is less restrictive, guests can stay connected to important loved ones, school, and work while going through the treatment process.

If you would like more information about our facility at Beaches Recovery, we encourage you to contact us right away at 866.605.0532. We can help you find the path to a lasting recovery.