Beaches Recovery - a rehab that will bring a smile to your face again.Are you or a loved one having a hard time moving beyond substance abuse and addiction? For many, breaking this habit is one of life’s greatest challenges. To truly overcome the power of addiction, you need quality rehab treatment. This kind of unique care is available at Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville, Florida.

Addiction Demands Quality Treatment

Just like any other disease, addiction requires professional treatment. Currently, about 23.5 million Americans age 12 years and older need help for alcohol or drug addiction. Unfortunately, about ninety percent of these people will never seek the treatment they need. About 10% of those who do seek help will face multiple rehab attempts before achieving true recovery.

Though the odds of beating addiction might seem slim, lasting sobriety is possible. If you desire independence from drugs or alcohol, quality addiction treatment can help guide you towards life-lasting change. Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville, Florida, provides this kind of extensive treatment to each guest who walks through the door.

Supervised Detox is Important

Many people who enter rehab need to first undergo detox to get through the uncomfortable withdrawal phase. The detox definition outlines the process as the body’s way of restoring itself to its proper functions while eliminating harmful toxins. Depending on the substance, symptoms usually start to peak 24-48 hours after the last dose. During this time, individuals experience unpleasant symptoms that vary in severity from mild to severe.

For recovery to be safe and effective, individuals need a medically managed detox. At Beaches Recovery, we provide detox referrals that are performed at our partner’s off-site facility. Rehab specialists are readily available to help ease the symptoms of withdrawal, as well as monitor patients’ progress.

Treatment You Can Count On

Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville, Florida, is a private premier rehab facility where you can regain your independence and purpose. Our experienced staff is qualified to treat addictions to alcohol, cocaine, meth, opiates, and heroin. We utilize a combined effort of detox, individualized treatment programs, and intensive therapy to help individuals conquer addiction.

True recovery is a day by day process that requires commitment and self-discipline. We teach our guests how to replace familiar addictive habits with healthier practices in order to avoid future relapse. Our therapists also teach our guests positive coping skills and other useful tools for maintaining lifelong sobriety.

By choosing a premier facility like Beaches Recovery, you can minimize your risk of repeated rehab attempts.

Our Treatment Programs

At Beaches Recovery, our luxurious amenities are overshadowed by our impressive catalog of addiction services and resources. Guests can participate in various programs and therapies at our 30-bed facility, depending on their needs. Our treatment plans can help you conquer addiction, no matter how long or how often you’ve been abusing.

In addition to detox referrals, we provide extensive therapy opportunities, including Dual Diagnosis and Family Therapy.

A list of other programs and services our guests can benefit from includes:

Each case of substance abuse is different. We will provide you with the personalized treatment you need and deserve while working towards your sobriety.

To help make treatment more affordable, we have partnered with top insurance companies Aetna, BCBS, Humana, VA CCN, and Magellan. Don’t let financial concerns or any other uncertainties stop you from getting help. It’s time to make yourself a priority. Let us remove the stress from the rehab experience so that you can focus on what matters–getting better.

One Phone Call to Beaches Recovery Can Change Your Life

Don’t sit around hoping your problem with addiction will go away on its own. You have access to quality and reputable treatment that could put you on the path to total recovery. Choose Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville, Florida, for your rehab services, and conquer addiction the safe way. Call us now at 866.605.0532 to learn more about our programs and to begin your transition to lifelong sobriety.