Man Considering a Georgia Chemical Dependency CenterFor Georgia residents, the most convenient path to addiction recovery is attending the nearest treatment facility. While that might be easiest, it’s not always best. Sticking with a local Georgia chemical dependency center may seem like a viable option, but staying too close to home might backfire. Consider treatment further from home to make more effective progress, get top-notch treatment and live the sober life you deserve.

What is the Quality of Your Local Georgia Chemical Dependency Center?

The first thing to consider in a chemical dependency center is the quality of care available. No one should ever trade convenience and a short drive for reputable staff, accredited programs and evidence-based treatment.

You also have to see if a local Georgia chemical dependency center will offer the right programs for individual addictions. Centers should be equipped to handle a range of addictions, whether it’s drugs, alcohol or prescription medication. They should also have the resources to use dual diagnosis treatment, which treats the mental health side of the equation.

The best chemical dependency centers, wherever they happen to be located, will also offer varying levels of care to best help their patients. This could be a detox program to break ties to addiction, or it could be residential treatment. Other options beneficial options include intensive outpatient programs and post-treatment sober living facilities.

The Disadvantages of Staying in Georgia for Treatment

Even if there’s a Georgia chemical dependency center of reasonable quality close to home, there are still some advantages to leaving the area during treatment. To start, leaving the temptations of home can go a long way in increasing the chances of a successful recovery. According to a White House Report, 7.27% of Georgia residents used illicit drugs in the past month. Escaping friends and suppliers can be instrumental in beating cravings and avoiding temptation.

Leaving home also eliminates the possibility of a built-in safety net. When friends and family are just minutes away, patients are more likely to leave treatment programs before completion. Increase your completion potential—and the likelihood of lifetime sobriety—by traveling away from Georgia for treatment.

Finding Quality Treatment Facilities That Accept Your Insurance

Cost is important when considering a Georgia chemical dependency center. Many individuals mistakenly believe they can only use their health insurance within a local network, but the reality is that many reputable, accredited centers accept health insurance plans from across the country. With a quick phone call or online chat, prospective patients can verify their insurance coverage at an accredited treatment center like Beaches Recovery in beautiful Jacksonville, Florida.

A Fresh Start in a New Destination

Addiction can be frustrating and overwhelming, and many people struggling with a dependency crave a fresh start. Florida holds a lot of promise, thanks to warm weather and amazing scenery, but it can also be the mental restart that patients need when navigating a whole new life without addiction.

Wipe the slate clean and head to a new destination for an enriching transformation. Call Beaches Recovery today at 8666050532 to verify your insurance or speak with admissions about our programs.