I Need Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Texas (TX), What Should I do First?Known for its chili, cattle drives and great sports teams, Texas has a diversified population with a surprising variety of cultures. They say everything’s bigger in Texas. Unfortunately, so is its problem with drug abuse. In fact, Texas has had to invest significant resources trying to combat drug abuse issues among its residents.

Drug Stats Related to Texas

On a national level, Texas scores relatively well for its issues related to drug abuse when compared with other states. Unfortunately, it’s a good news/bad news situation. The good news is the state was ranked as the eighth lowest state for drug-related fatalities in 2013 at 9.6 deaths per 100,000 residents. The bad news is the state had a population of approximately 27,000,000 people, which means there were more than 2,600 deaths due to drug overdose. When numbers are this high, state officials need to do more to inform residents about drug and alcohol addiction treatment in Texas TX.

Treatment Options for Texas Residents

While Texas certainly has its fair share of facilities that offer drug and alcohol addiction treatment in Texas (TX), convenience should be but one of the factors considered when addicts want to seek treatment. Many experts from within the industry recommend removing yourself from your local community in order to eliminate conflicts and temptation during the rehab process.

With that said, Florida has a great reputation for providing innovative and effective treatment options in a warm and inviting environment. At a drug and alcohol rehab facility like Beaches Recovery, non-restrictive intensive outpatient (IOP) and partial hospitalization (PHP) options are offered as alternatives to inpatient treatment.

Need Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Texas? Consider Temporarily Relocating to Florida

While both IOP and PHP are provided in a less-restrictive environment, the intensity of these programs is still high. For most Texas addicts, inpatient drug and alcohol addiction treatment in Texas (TX) is the only reliable recovery option available. Beaches Recovery uses a variety of therapy and counseling options that are tailored to meet the specific needs of its patients. Through these Florida-style treatment programs, patients are set firmly on the road to recovery equipped with the life skills and support mechanisms needed to maintain sobriety while trying to return to a normal life.

If you live in Texas and find yourself willing to temporarily relocate to Florida for a quality treatment program, the staff members at Beaches Recovery are prepared to give you the care you need. The first step, admitting you need help, is yours to take when you are ready to start living a better life. After that, the road to recovery is only a phone call away at 904.615.6361.