The opioid epidemic is a serious issue across all of America, and addiction in Atlanta is becoming increasingly deadly. If you have looked for an opioid addiction rehab center in Atalanta, GA, you may understand the severity of the problem.

What Are Opioids?

woman sitting uncomfortably talking to therapist at opioid addiction rehab center atlanta gaThere is a difference between opioids and opiates, but the distinction is often unnoticed and left unexplained. Opiates are drugs naturally made from the opium poppy plant. Meanwhile, opioids include all types of narcotics in the same family, including opiates, semi-synthetic opioids, and synthetic opioids. Many people enter opioid addiction rehab centers in Atlanta, GA to recover from using substances like morphine, codeine, heroin, oxycodone, hydrocodone, and fentanyl. But opiate addiction rehab centers in Atlanta are also available.

Opioids are commonly effective for pain relief, but frequent use can cause physical dependence and tolerance. Ultimately, this leads to addiction and withdrawal symptoms if somebody tries to stop using opioids.

What Are the Symptoms of Opioid Withdrawal?

There are several symptoms of opioid withdrawal that people go through when they try to detox or remove the toxins of a substance. Many people struggling with addiction turn to an opioid addiction rehab center in Atlanta, GA, to get through this process as safely as possible. A medical detox center has the needed tools and expertise to see people through safe opioid detox.

The symptoms of opioid withdrawal commonly include:

  • Muscle aches
  • Anxiety
  • Stomach pain
  • Nausea
  • Fever and chills
  • Diarrhea
  • Depression

Opioid withdrawal symptoms can range from mild to severe, and the conditions are impacted by the length you have been using substances as well as your family history of addiction. Opioid addiction can be deadly if left untreated.

How to Choose an Opioid Addiction Rehab Center in Atlanta, GA

When you are looking for an opioid addiction rehab center, you should have a set of criteria you are looking at in addiction treatment programs. For example, you should consider a rehab center that offers medical assistance for the difficult and often painful detox process. You should also select a center that offers the option for a long-term plan, including aftercare and support groups. Here are a few other amenities you should consider:

  • A positive sense of community
  • JCAHO accreditation
  • Primary care programs with medical detox
  • Transitional living programs to help you get your life back on track
  • Residential or inpatient programs to provide protection against relapse during treatment
  • Outpatient rehab programs to allow you to live at home
  • Sober living housing to create a safe environment for transitioning and continued sobriety
  • Specialized treatment for addiction to opiates, heroin, cocaine, meth, and alcohol
  • Dual diagnosis treatment program to address mental health disorders and addiction at the same time

One thing you might want to consider is going to rehab in another city, like Jacksonville, Florida. For one, trying to choose an opioid addiction rehab center in Atlanta, GA can be difficult when you are in proximity to the life you usually live accustomed to substance abuse. When you enter recovery far away from home, you have less access to friends you may have used opioids with. The distance can also put you in the frame of mind for change.

Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville, FL, offers the perfect place to get away from addiction triggers and treat your substance use disorder. Call us today at 866.605.0532 to learn more about our addiction treatment programs and therapy. Opioid addiction is serious, but you can get through opioid detox and recovery programs with dedicated help and support. You don’t have to live with addiction, contact Beaches Recovery. You can fight it, beginning today.