At Beaches Recovery, we offer the highest level of care and give our patients the best possible addiction treatment programs to ensure successful rehabilitation. Regardless of any previous addiction treatment experience with any other Florida addiction treatment center, please call today to speak to our staff about how Beaches Recovery can help you gain back your sobriety, and live a fully rehabilitated life.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, drug abuse and addiction cost American society more than $740 billion annually in lost workplace productivity, healthcare expenses, and crime-related costs.

It’s never too late to recover from an addiction, and Beaches Recovery, a full-service Florida drug and alcohol rehab center has many of the programs, amenities, as well as addiction therapy services you want so you can finally find a way to get your life back from the clutches of addiction.

Patients sitting in a circle for a group therapy session at florida addiction treatment programs

Beaches Florida Addiction Treatment Programs Have it All

Looking for addiction treatment programs leads to one of the most important decisions of your life. However, this is said not to add more stress to your search. Instead, it underlines the importance of quality treatment. After all, the rehab program you enter directly affects your chance for the life you want beyond substance abuse.

Regardless of where you decide to enter addiction treatment in Florida, talk to caring professionals available to help you in your decision. By speaking with an intake counselor at Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville, Florida, you can then learn about the highest quality of addiction treatment programs and what to look for in your own journey to recovery. You also learn about accreditation, and why that matters, when it comes to the quality of Florida addiction treatment center care you receive.

Wide shot of beachgoers enjoying free time at Florida addiction treatment programsResidents at Beaches Recovery’s Jacksonville, Florida addiction treatment center work with a therapist to select the best clinical options that meet their personal needs. Our therapists adapt their treatment to match the client’s culture, values, and interpersonal relationships and create a proactive, informed approach to rehabilitation and recovery. Amid all the drug and alcohol rehab programs in Florida, we have the most comprehensive list of addiction treatment programs available. A partial list of our therapies includes:

As part of our Florida addiction treatment programs, we also offer Primary Care, Extended Care, Transitional Living, Outpatient, Academic and Family programs that exceed industry standards and provide the highest quality care to each and every person that comes to our facility.

What is an Addiction Treatment Program?

An addiction treatment program is a process that typically involves various kinds of treatment exercises and therapies to help one recover from their addiction. With many different programs available it is important to find one that works best from you to ensure full recovery. Many programs also occur at various stages of the recovery process, such as inpatient programs for the beginning of recovery and aftercare for the transition back into your everyday life.

What Are the Levels of Care in Addiction Treatment Programs?

Beaches Recovery is one of the shining examples of addiction treatment programs provided through multiple levels of care. But what are these levels of care, and what do they mean for your recovery?

A level of care in the addiction treatment Florida industry is the structure of a particular program. Program structure differs from one level of care to the next, in whether you live at home during treatment or live at a Florida addiction treatment center. Some of these programs require meeting with therapists and other treatment professionals a few times per week, whereas others require treatment six or seven days per week and throughout each of those days.

Your Florida addiction treatment center professionals and other healthcare providers work together in determining your exact medical need for rehab treatment. From that medical need, your addiction treatment center FL and insurance company decide which level of care offers the most promise for your long-term recovery. Of course, everyone benefits most from inpatient treatment, and the intensity of therapy gained there. But not everyone needs this level of care to succeed in long term sobriety.

Available Levels of Care in Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville FL addiction treatment programs vary in quality and treatment options. But few come close to the quality of care possible at Beaches Recovery. Beaches Recovery also provides a diverse range of programs for the precise level of treatment you need. This means you gain a custom fit in your addiction treatment in Florida, instead of trying to fit a program best suited to someone else.

Beaches Recovery’s Jacksonville FL addiction treatment programs include:

For most people currently living in addiction, Jacksonville FL addiction treatment programs start with medically supervised detox at Tides Edge. This first treatment helps you get through drug or alcohol withdrawal safely and comfortably. After you take these first steps into sobriety, you feel healthier, stronger, and more focused than you have since your substance abuse started.

You also feel ready for entry into one of Beaches Recovery’s drug addiction treatment programs, where you learn how to stay sober and build the life you want.

Benefits of Addiction Treatment Programs

  • Access to professional counselors, therapists, and doctors
  • Safe environment for recovery
  • Receive support from peers
  • Follow a regular routine during healing

Individualized Addiction Treatment Programs in FL

Each of our residents receives a unique treatment plan that focuses on their particular areas of need. Therefore, using the most advanced approaches to combat addiction, our Florida addiction treatment center is focused on successful patient care and addiction recovery. Rehabilitating your life at Beaches Recovery will set you on a path to success, fighting against relapse, and moving toward the life you were meant to live.

Individualized Treatment Planning in Jacksonville Addiction Treatment Programs

The first objective in your addiction treatment center in FL is the development of an individualized treatment plan. This plan recognizes your individual needs, such as whether you need dual diagnosis care for a co-occurring mental health condition. It also forms around your cultural needs, work situation, family life, and recovery goals.

Beaches’ addiction treatment center in FL also offers men’s programs and women’s programs if you prefer treatment with a gender focus. Executive rehab drug addiction treatment programs help business managers, executives, as well as leaders confidentially receive the help they need. For first responders, the first responder drug rehab program helps these police, fire, and also paramedic workers achieve their goals for treatment and recovery.

The above examples show you how your addiction treatment programs suit your lifestyle while providing the quality of care needed for lasting recovery. But individualized treatment planning does not stop there. It also focuses on the precise types of therapies you need for your best recovery.

Types of Addiction Treatment Programs

  • Intensive outpatient
  • Evidence-based treatment programs
  • Detox
  • Residential
  • Outpatient
  • Inpatient
  • Aftercare

Therapies and Other Methods of Your Individualized Treatment Plan

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, genetics, including the impact of one’s environment on gene expression, account for about 40% to 60% of a person’s risk of addiction.

You already see how many different directions one treatment plan can go, for individual customization. Now add to the levels of care and program types another customizing aspect, that of the therapies you need.

Most rehab treatment includes three primary settings for therapy. These start with individual therapy also called one-on-one counseling. You also go through group therapy among your peers in treatment. Finally, you need family therapy. Family therapy focuses on healing your family unit and strengthening your bonds to help you achieve mutual goals.

Within these primary types of therapy settings, you receive therapy designed for specific purposes. Some of these sessions educate you about your mental health, addiction, or other topics. Yet others guide you in relapse prevention and coping skills development. Still, others help you solve problems and change your behaviors for a better quality of life.

Beaches Recovery’s therapies include:

“Beaches Recovery took the time to know me and built a program to fit my personality and style. Thank you Beaches Recovery!”

– Ryan D., Florida

Beaches Recovery Can Fight Any Addiction

There are so many substances out in the world that promise to change your feelings, help you escape and give you what you need. But you probably know that is not true. No matter what substance you fell prey to, we have Florida addiction treatment programs to combat it with you. If you’re addicted to it, then we can help you recover. For example, some of our substance abuse treatment programs include:

Our family at Beaches Recovery celebrates the successes of patients on a daily basis. Small successes daily help change long-term attitudes and therefore behaviors for your future outside of addiction treatment programs, which is why we implement goal setting in each of our Florida addiction treatment customized plans. Of course, addiction does not have to define you forever. So find out how addiction treatment programs like Beaches Recovery can help you get clean and stay that way. The number is 866.605.0532. The decision is yours.

Getting help to recover is easy with Beaches Recovery. Call us now to find the best treatment program for you!