Our men’s drug addiction rehab program promotes a healthy and productive addiction recovery experience by offering a warm, positive, and dynamic environment for developing a foundation in sobriety.

Beaches philosophy embraces the individuality of each client and seeks to create a safe and comfortable men’s rehab program to express and process their emotions. At our heroin rehab center for men in Jacksonville, our clients learn to manage issues that are unique to their experience while building the support necessary to maintain abstinence from unhealthy actions.

Our men’s rehab center in Florida believes significant success in long-term sobriety and abstinence go hand in hand with participation in the local recovery community, which provides not only a network of support but also a foundation for personal growth.

As much as we would like to believe otherwise, the role of men in society has changed very little over the decades. The male is often seen as a dominant force in society, often carrying the responsibility for his family’s welfare on his shoulders. When a man falls prey to drug or alcohol dependence, it creates a lot of personal and family issues. That’s why a men’s drug addiction rehab program offering addiction help for men has explicitly become such a necessity.

Why Men Need a Men’s Drug Addiction Rehab Program

The vision of a strong male is very much a part of American culture. It’s not about diminishing the role of women, but instead, it’s about the expectations for men. Therefore, it’s no surprise that men aged 12 or older are nearly twice as likely to engage in illicit drug use than women, according to SAMHSA. When addiction comes knocking, it directly attacks a man’s masculinity. It leaves a man with a crushed ego. Some of the issues we can help with at our men’s rehab center in Florida include:

  • Struggling to maintain adequate financial support for the family
  • The introduction of domestic violence into the family environment
  • Involvement with illegal activities that may mean incarceration and families without a breadwinner
  • Broken families struggling with substance abuse
  • Losing jobs or business due to performing under the influence

There’s always collateral damage when male addicts don’t get the help they need. Given the far-reaching damage addiction causes, the men’s alcohol rehab center Florida offers takes on an essential role in addiction recovery.

The Benefits of a Men’s Rehab Center in Jacksonville FL

At Beaches Recovery facility, we recognize the importance of providing a men’s drug addiction rehab program. A lot of men are quite comfortable going through rehab with women. However, there are also a lot of men who just do better in rehab for men only.

Counselors develop special treatment programs that address a man’s unique circumstances. We do the same for our women’s rehab. In both cases, it’s about developing the best and most effective men’s addiction treatment center in Florida for the man who is suffering. For the male patient, the potential benefits include:

  • Giving the patient an opportunity to share and discuss personal issues with the people they have the most in common with
  • Allowing the male to drop their guard and open up without the fear of having women judge them as weak
  • Removing the possibility of romantic or sexual interactions that can interfere with the treatment process
  • Men’s rehab program that counselors have specifically designed to address men’s personal and health issues
  • Having access to a drug and alcohol rehab for men that features specific amenities that appeal to men

Mental Health Care at a Men’s Drug Addiction Rehab Program

One of the main reasons men develop an addiction is due to their symptoms of mental illness. This happens when the mental illness is either undiagnosed, or it’s not being treated by a men’s addiction treatment center. Some people may begin self-medicating, or others might abuse the medications they have for their mental illness. No matter what the case is, a dual diagnosis treatment center can help you get the help you need.

Many men develop the symptoms of mental illness between the ages of 14 and 24 years old. Unfortunately, there’s a lack of education about mental health as well as a stigma. This can lead to self-medicating yourself because you don’t have the help of a men’s rehab program for addiction and mental health. Men struggle with mental illness just as much as women, and some of the common disorders include:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • ADHD
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • PTSD

Many men don’t seek men’s addiction counseling that includes dual diagnosis treatment, so they self-medicate. Rather than appearing weak and getting the help you need, you turn to drugs or alcohol. In the beginning, your substance use might have helped with your symptoms. Eventually, you start to find that your substance use is only making things worse. A men’s rehab center in Florida can help you begin the healing process.

Understanding Dual Diagnosis Treatment

At a dual diagnosis men’s rehab program, you’ll receive addiction help for men along with mental health treatment. It’s extremely important that your mental health and addiction are treated separately. Addiction is an extremely powerful disease in which your brain has been trained to turn to substances. Even when you’re not managing your symptoms, you’re turning to these substances for an assortment of other reasons.

In a men’s drug addiction rehab program, you’re going to go through both individual counseling as well as group therapy to begin your recovery. Working with a therapist allows you to discuss your past and present issues openly and honestly. Group therapy is there for support so you can see that you’re not alone in your struggles. You’ll receive useful suggestions and support that will help you kick your addiction for good. All of this and more is available at our men’s rehab center in Florida.

What We Treat at Our Men’s Addiction Treatment Center

One of the first steps at a men’s prescription drug addiction rehab center is going through a full assessment. A professional will ensure that you have the proper diagnosis, and then help you find new alternatives. Believe it or not, a men’s rehab center in Jacksonville FL can help you discover non-narcotic medications that can help. Through these types of safe medications and holistic forms of therapy, you can find recovery. We offer treatment options for a variety of substances, including:

There are many people who have a diagnosed addiction or mental health issue, for which they receive medication. The problem is that you may take medications that are addictive, so you begin to abuse them. A men’s drug addiction rehab program can help you learn how to manage your mental health in a better way. At a men’s rehab center in Jacksonville FL, you’ll find that you don’t need these medications in order to be well.

Getting Men’s Addiction Counseling at Beaches Recovery

Our men’s drug addiction rehab program in Jacksonville, Florida stands as the top men’s addiction treatment center in the state. We offer a full slate of addiction treatment services under accreditation from the Joint Commission. We take pride in our ability to customize treatment programs for each patient. A shortlist of our current treatment options for men’s addiction counseling includes:

Florida residents agree that the Beaches Recovery men’s drug addiction rehab program is ideal for almost any man seeking help. No matter the nature of your addiction, or the type of care you need, the best men’s rehab center in Florida is available to you. Our men’s addiction counseling sessions help repair your mind while our men’s rehab program focuses on your physical symptoms.

Reach Out to Beaches for Addiction Help for Men

At Beaches Recovery, we understand the complexities that come with finding treatment. For this reason, we make the process as simple as possible. From intake to insurance verification, to therapies, to discharge, men at our facility are fully supported every step of the way. We offer programs that are separated by gender to increase the effectiveness of this treatment further. Without the distraction of the opposite sex, most men can find a more fulfilling and comprehensive recovery.

If you would feel more comfortable in rehab for men, we have a top men’s drug addiction rehab program to offer. It is Beaches Recovery’s way of assuring our male patient’s that we provide the best care possible. If you are in need of addiction help for men, call us at 866.605.0532. You may not know it now, but the best part of your life is only one phone call away.