Woman with a smile leaning against a tree participating in holistic healing methods during rehab.It can be extremely scary when someone close to you is struggling with addiction to drugs or alcohol. You may not know where to turn. For many, professional treatment has been attempted, but relapse has been a problem. In this case, holistic healing methods may be the ticket out.

In this article, we explain what holistic healing methods are. We discuss which of these methods may help your loved one or you recover from addiction. There are numerous holistic healing methods to choose from.

What Are Holistic Healing Methods?

When we use the term “holistic healing method,” we are talking about an alternative, whole person, treatment for addiction. These may not be the scientific and medical approaches that many experts use. However, they do have a proven track record of success.

This is because the term “holistic” is used to signify treatment of the entire body, mind, and soul. This is instead of just focusing on one aspect of treatment. For example, many treatment programs for addiction focus only on the addiction itself. For a lot of those struggling with substance abuse, they need to go a little deeper and heal their complete self. So, a holistic approach is more helpful.

What Are Some of the Holistic Healing Methods Used to Treat Addiction?

Below, is a description of some of the most common holistic healing methods available for substance abuse treatment.

Mindfulness Training

To be mindful is to be awake. Many of us go about our lives without ever thinking about what we do, say, think, or feel. Mindfulness-based treatment training teaches us to pay more attention to these aspects of our lives. In doing so, we can be more thoughtful and thankful for what we have.


Meditation is similar to mindfulness in that it helps you focus. But, it is a practice. Therefore, when you meditate, you sit in a chair or on the ground and have a timed meditation session. During this time, you focus on the breath and calm the mind, letting your subconscious to the forefront.

Fitness Therapy

To treat the body, fitness therapy is often used. Drugs and alcohol can greatly reduce the health and overall fitness levels of individuals. Therefore, fitness therapy is best used when started slowly. Walking, jogging, Pilates, yoga, tai chi, or simple stretching are often used at the beginning of a fitness regimen.

Equine Therapy

Horse therapy can be great for fitness levels as well as the mind and spirit. Any interaction with animals can help you feel a deeper meaning and a strong connection. The softness and grace of horses is a wonderful touch and feel therapy for those struggling with addiction as well.

Can You Avoid Professional Treatment and Just Use Holistic Healing Methods?

No. It is true that holistic healing methods can greatly aid someone who is struggling with addiction. On the other hand, a professional treatment rehab center is necessary for full recovery from addiction. This is because holistic treatment methods are used as complementary. They go along with traditional methods of care.

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Find Professional Help for Addiction

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