At Beaches Recovery, we offer the highest level of care and give our patients the best possible addiction treatment programs to ensure successful rehabilitation. Regardless of any previous experience with other addiction treatment centers, please call today to speak to our staff about how Beaches Recovery can help you gain back your sobriety, and live a fully rehabilitated life.

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Residents at Beaches Recovery’s Jacksonville, Florida addiction treatment center work with a therapist to select the best clinical options that meet their personal needs. Our therapists adapt their treatment to match the client’s culture, values, and interpersonal relationship patterns and create a proactive, informed approach to rehabilitation and recovery. We offer Primary Care, Extended Care, Transitional Living, Outpatient, Academic and Family programs that exceed industry standards and provide the highest quality care to each and every person that comes to our facility.

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Individualized Treatment

Each of our residents receives a unique treatment plan that focuses on their particular areas of need. Using the most advanced approaches to combat addiction, our facility is focused on successful patient care and addiction recovery. Rehabilitating your life through Beaches Recovery will set you on a path to success, fighting against relapse, and moving toward the life you were meant to live. Our family at Beaches Recovery celebrates the daily successes of patients on a daily basis. Small successes daily help change long-term attitudes and behaviors for your future outside of treatment, which is why we implement goal setting in each of our customized plans. Addiction does not have to define you forever, call Beaches Recovery today.

“Beaches Recovery took the time to know me and built a program to fit my personality and style. Thank you Beaches Recovery!”

– Ryan D. Florida