Two women holding hands during a session of addiction therapy services in florida at BeachesAddiction therapy services are an integral part of any quality Florida drug rehab center. With addiction counseling services in Florida, at Beaches Recovery, clients learn the best techniques for getting clean and sober and staying that way. Let’s face it–addiction recovery is difficult and stressful, but not impossible.

To help release some of that difficulty and stress, Beaches Recovery provides various positive and productive drug and alcohol counseling services. We design them to treat all aspects of your addiction. Whether it’s working more on issues involving broken family relationships or anger issues or self-loathing, the therapies at Beaches Recovery address all aspects of your addiction.

Group therapy and family therapies are part of the standard addiction counseling modalities during the recovery process. We also provide holistic and experiential therapies. Our addiction therapy services don’t just focus on the actual drug or alcohol problem. We get to know you as the individual you are and help you get well using many types of therapies.

Experiential Therapy

It’s important to find ways to express the feelings uncovered in standard addiction therapy services in Florida. Experiential therapy like music, bowling, and hiking expose the client to new interests to replace using. It’s vital for anyone in recovery to find out how to have fun again and enjoy life in sobriety. The more new hobbies you’re able to try, the better luck you’ll have finding ways to stay busy and happy. By coupling evidence-based therapies with more experiential therapies, you can begin a balanced healing process.

Holistic Therapies

So, besides standard addiction counseling services, Beaches also wants to treat other aspects of your addiction. We do this by offering some typical holistic therapies that open your mind and spirit to new possibilities of wellness. Nutrition therapy teaches you that the food you put into your body is important to your well-being. Mindfulness-based therapies help you stay in the present moment instead of regretting past mistakes or worrying about what comes next. Yoga, meditation and solitary walks lend themselves to going inward while experiencing addiction recovery services.

Addiction Therapy Services at Beaches Recovery

Standard addiction therapy services in Florida consist of one-on-one talk therapy, group sessions, and psychoeducational groups. Below are some of the many other various therapies that we offer to all patients at Beaches Recovery:

To learn more about our addiction therapy services and begin your journey, call Beaches Recovery at 866.605.0532The addiction therapy services in Florida that we offer have proven successful. Our experienced team uses every therapy option at our disposal to help you beat addiction, relieve stress and build strength to last a lifetime of sobriety.