The journey to recovery from drug addiction or alcoholism is a personal one. The path you decide to take should reflect your values, goals, and desires. Some people prefer a 12-step element within their journey to healing, while others lean on group therapy. Other people want to bring together components from various programs to make their pathway to a new life complete. When you choose a guided self help program at a Jacksonville FL drug rehab center, you have the opportunity to make your journey truly unique. Your path becomes personalized to suit your life and principles.

What is Guided Self Help?

A guided self help program allows patients and therapist to map out a therapy program that will be in line with the patient’s values and principles. Some patients desire a spiritual component to their therapy, and therefore the therapist and patient will often enroll in the 12-step program. Some other patients may desire a program that focuses on yoga techniques or meditation. In these cases, the therapist will help create a therapy program that incorporates meditation mindfulness principles in it. Whatever desires the patients have, the therapist helps them achieve their goals.

Why Self Help?

man is seeking guided self help program from a therapist

For many years, people have discovered that they have a wealth of information and resource within themselves. Often times, self-reflection brings about insights that would not have been found anywhere else. Meditation and prayer are other ways that people learn techniques to overcome adversity.

In addition, people have discovered the clue to their own psyche through reading self-help books, listening to lectures, and studying human behavior. In fact, with guidance, people can be their own best advocate and counselor. This is a primary reason that guided self help is so effective.

As a professional therapist offers resources and guidance, you make the strides to delve into your mind and motivations to discover what works for you. No one knows you as well as you.

How Will Guided Self Help Therapy Work?

A guided self help program will be led by your therapist but mostly implemented by you. An initial meeting with the therapist will help establish the goals and advise you what resources are available. You may take advantage of supervised meditation therapy sessions, yoga therapy program, art or music therapy, and other forms of therapy as you feel it will benefit your overall goals.

Guided self help for addiction can be instrumental in breaking the cycle of addiction because it helps you to understand what led to your substance abuse. By digging into your inner self, you can discover a depth of information that will be helpful for future challenges regarding addiction.

Benefits of a Guided Self Help Program

At a guided self help in FL, you will gain several benefits such as:

  • Boost your self confidence as you gain the skills to succeed in life
  • Understand the driving forces behind addiction
  • Go at your own pace, therefore feeling more relaxed
  • Be a mentor to others as you learn from your own research
  • Break the cycle of mental health and substance use disorders

Find Your Path at Beaches

At Beaches Recovery, we bring the path for hope and peace to people struggling with addiction. Our guided self help program allows you to go at your own pace and in your own path but with the assistance you need to be successful in your quest for a new life. At our rehab center, you will find several therapy treatment programs to complement your guided journey.

Don’t wait to seek help. Take control of your addiction by reaching out today. You can overcome your substance abuse problem by participating in a guided self help program . Contact us at 866.274.9281, and we’ll get you on the journey to healing.