Beaches Recovery provides a comprehensive approach to overcoming chemical dependency, alcoholism and co-occurring disorders. Many clients come to Beaches Recovery with emotional and mental health issues along with their addiction. Therefore, Beaches Recovery offers many experiential therapies with Rope Course Therapy being one of the most popular.

Experiential therapies help clients by allowing them to break free of the constraints of office-based or classroom treatment sessions. Clients engaged in experiential methods of addiction recovery are provided with a means of healing and learning through first-hand practice, instead of merely talking and listening.

What Is Rope Course Therapy Treatment?

Rope course therapy treatment is an outdoor program designed to help clients overcome fears, learn to trust peers and gain insight into the support they will need to be successful in recovery.

Clients will participate at the University of North Florida Ropes course. There is plenty of safety equipment involved to ensure no one is harmed during treatment. Still even with that equipment being used, clients can experience stress, fear, and rushes that they have to deal with during each challenge they take on. The challenges of the Ropes course can mirror the challenges they face in their day to day life as they seek to overcome addiction and mental health issues.

What Can Rope Course Therapy Treatment Teach Clients?

Since rope course therapy involves teamwork, many clients experience a lot of interpersonal growth. They learn how to rely on others, how they can contribute in a team effort, and how their influence matters in group scenarios. They can also experience confidence as they overcome fears and complete challenges they never thought possible. This sort of knowledge can increase self-esteem, build trust in others and help to develop healthy relationships in the future.

Rope course therapy can also help clients develop coping skills. Some parts of the courses can be scary, especially for people who are scared of heights. With the help of other clients and nearby instructors, clients learn to work through these fearful moments with coping skills they can use in real life after treatment is over. Continued pushing helps clients internalize these coping skills, making it easier to use them in the future.

No matter what clients need to learn through addiction treatment, rope course therapy treatment can help. With the right instructors, rope course treatment can be adapted to teach clients nearly anything they need to learn.

Reach Out And Take A Risk With Rope Course Therapy Treatment

Working toward a sober life can be difficult. With the right support and rope course therapy, you can learn many healthy skills that you can use to maintain a healthy life. You just have to reach out to the right addiction treatment center first in order to get the help you need.

At Beaches Recovery, we pride ourselves on giving clients the best care possible. We offer various treatment programs to all our clients to ensure every person is getting well-rounded, lasting care. Our professional team of clinicians and instructors can help you, no matter what problems you’re struggling with.

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