Those struggling with addiction have more treatment options today than in previous years. For example, experiential therapy activities at addiction treatment centers allow patients to communicate through different actions instead of just talking to a therapist. Therapies falling under this category have a wide range. Some examples include art, acting, music, hiking, and equine therapy. Nearly any type of creative outlet or exercise can have some use as an experiential therapy.

Benefits of Experiential Therapy Activities

Woman in sun riding a bike as part of experiential therapy activities during addiction treatmentExperiential therapy activities developed with the theory that people can motivate change in their own lives, as opposed to people being prompted to change by others. Experiential therapies can bring about awareness to people about their mental health and their personal goals and desires.

Those struggling with addiction often have reached a point where they only care about getting and using a substance. Non-traditional therapies can bring about a newfound interest in life. People who become emotionally numb by drug use may even have difficulty responding to traditional treatments. It may just be hard to make themselves care.

However, experiential therapy can change all that by triggering interest in activities that the patient may never have considered outside of treatment. Some patients also have a hard time communicating due to trauma or other personal issues. Art or sports therapies offer them an outlet they would not otherwise use.

Another benefit to experiential therapies is that it gives patients the chance to find a new hobby or interest they can then pursue after leaving treatment. It serves as a distraction from their previous behavior of obtaining and using drugs or alcohol.

Types of Experiential Therapy Activities

As previously mentioned, experiential therapy activities can take a variety of forms. Art therapy, for example, involves using a range of creative mediums to help patients express feelings and ideas that they can’t put into words. It may include painting, drawing, sketching, sculpting, acting, writing, music, and dancing.

Another type of experiential therapy that has been very successful is equine therapy, especially among the young. Some studies show that using equine therapy allows over 56 percent of patients to complete treatment. This compared to only 14 percent completing treatment without it. Relating to an animal has been shown to have various benefits in mental health treatment as horses have the unique ability to reflect human emotions.

Fitness therapy gives patients the chance to challenge themselves, work off stressful feelings and regain physical health after the rigors of drug addiction. Fitness therapy can take many forms, just like art therapy. Surfing, yoga, hiking, and rope course therapies all represent examples of fitness therapy.

Part of addiction recovery includes learning to live a healthy lifestyle. It can also help reduce specific symptoms that happen during the early period of recovery. Exercise helps establish good sleeping patterns and generates endorphins to provide a positive feeling of wellness.

Experiential Therapy Activities At Beaches

Addiction recovery care at Beaches in Jacksonville, Florida combines both evidence-based treatments with experiential therapies to provide the most personal experience. We offer a wide range of experiential therapies, including the following:

Fitness therapy provides several opportunities to pursue physical fitness. Staff at Beaches offer fitness and wellness assessments as well as nutritional education. Certified personal trainers provide a one-on-one experience, or you can attend group classes for accountability and social interaction.

Despite knowing that they need treatment, many patients struggle with wanting to pursue it for very long. They may only stay in treatment for a short time before leaving and relapsing. Experiential treatments, such as those offered at Beaches Recovery, give many patients the incentive to stay in treatment until they make a full recovery.

Find your path to addiction recovery with experiential therapy activities at Beaches Recovery. Give us a call today at 866.605.0532 to regain control of your life from the clutches of drug addiction.