Counselor and sad man during the individual counseling services programVery seldom, if ever, does someone fall into addiction because they intended to do so. The reality is an addiction is merely a symptom of other issues and problems. These issues can range from relationship to financial problems. They might even come as a result of some psychological disorder. Looking at the possible causes of addiction, it becomes clear that individual counseling services are almost always necessary. Furthermore, it should be clear that the best help for an addiction resides in a professional treatment facility.

About Individual Counseling Services

It wasn’t so long ago that most addiction treatment programs lacked variety. Counselors would typically use a cookie-cutter approach to treating all patients. Fortunately, addiction professionals have recently changed how they approach addiction treatment.

Today, addiction counselors view and treat patients as unique individuals with unique problems. As part of this approach, we see treatment facilities using a broader spectrum of treatment modalities. They still place a lot of emphasis on individual counseling services but do so with a lot more tools available.

The individual counseling approach usually dictates the kind of programs the counselor will employ. For example, if individual counseling services reveal significant family issues, the counselor may recommend family counseling services. Likewise, the existence of psychological problems bring programs like dual diagnosis treatment into play.

Along with group therapy programs, all of these auxiliary programs sprout from the base individual counseling services. It’s the individual that needs help, and that’s precisely how many of the top rehab facilities direct treatment.

The Importance of Individual Counseling Services

Individual counseling is a like a journey into the patient’s soul. Under the direction of a skilled counselor, patients get the opportunity for self-discovery. It’s not a surprise that many addiction patients know very little about why they abuse substances. The truth is they usually abuse substances to forget or escape their life issues.

Patients can do lots of good work in group sessions. However, it’s the individual counseling sessions that point out what’s broken. If a patient can be honest about their addiction, they stand to learn about the whys. The whys are essential because counselors and patients need to find real solutions.

Real solutions usually come in the form of coping skills. Most recovering addicts will eventually face triggers or some temptation. Coping skills for recovery are the best line of defense against such occurrences. Solid coping skills almost always ensure a lasting recovery. The last thing anyone wants to see after the patient has done so much work is a series of relapses.

Beaches Recovery–Top Notch Care

From our Jacksonville, Florida drug treatment facility, Beaches Recovery offers a wide range of addiction treatment services. When necessary, patients can start with detox at our dedicated Tides Edge detox facility. After successful detox, we send the patient forward to get treatment for their specific addiction issues. To assure we can offer the best solution, we maintain the following list of treatment options:

After completing a treatment program, we encourage our patients to continue working on their recovery. To facilitate this, we offer access to aftercare options like 12 step recovery program meetings, sober and transitional living, and additional counseling when necessary.

Seldom is a drug or alcohol user able to get past their addiction without individual counseling services. As an addict, that’s something you need to understand if you want to break the cycle of addiction. The first step is simple but hard to do. You must be willing to admit you have an illness and want help. When you can do that, Beaches Recovery gets the chance to do what we do best–help patients conquer addiction. For us to get going, you need to pick up the phone and call 866.605.0532. You might not know it now, but it’s possibly the most important call you will ever make.