You’ve gone through detox and many hours of therapy. Your counselors and clinicians agree you are ready to test your wings as a recovering addict. If you feel a little nervous about your prospects, you probably have your head on straight. The thing you should know is you will always be a recovering drug addict or alcoholic. Addiction is a disease that has no cure, but treatment can arrest it and keep it dormant. When you leave a rehab like Beaches Recovery, don’t be surprised if they offer you access to addiction aftercare programs.

What Are Addiction Aftercare Programs?

Smiling guy on beach knows about addiction aftercare program for great recovery.When you leave rehab for the first time, you expect to stay sober. In the outside world, you can expect to come in touch with temptation and the old triggers. Remember, you have a new set of coping skills to use for relapse prevention. Also, addiction aftercare programs may be available if you still feel a little unsure about staying sober.

Addiction aftercare programs come in many forms. These are residential programs that serve as half-way houses between rehab and complete independence. The residential managers will assign you specific responsibilities that go along with certain freedoms. As you progress in a positive direction, the freedoms grow until you feel strong enough to fly solo. If issues arise, you might want to consider additional residential treatment or other addiction aftercare programs.

Treatment facilities often use outpatient rehab treatment as a form of aftercare. They allow you to stay at home and resume work or school, but the counselors suggest you continue with counseling. Some recovering clients appreciate having someone to talk to and will continue therapy on their own.

Another useful form of aftercare is alumni programs. These programs are usually run by recovering people, who create opportunities for others to come together. They have meetings, parties, and other fun activities.

12-Step Programs

In some ways, a 12-Step recovery program is an alumni meeting. They provide a place for people to come and share the successes and struggles of sobriety. Time and again, you will hear people say there’s nothing more important than one recovering addict helping another. There’s a good deal of truth in that saying. Who knows better what one recovering person is going through than another recovering person?

As addiction aftercare programs go, 12-Step programs are hard to beat. They cost little to no money, and they provide a support mechanism that’s second to none. As you trend away from the enablers and addicts in your life, you need people you can count on. With an addiction sponsor as a mentor, you get the opportunity to share your experiences with someone who understands. You’ll build lasting friendships and should you relapse, the people from your meetings will be the first ones by your side. All anyone will ask of you is to show up, participate in your recovery and be accountable. If you do those three things, months and year will pass without a relapse.

Aftercare at Beaches Recovery

Staff members at Beaches Recovery are prominent advocates for aftercare treatment and programs. We are proud to provide our exiting patients access to counseling and sober living programs. From our Jacksonville, Florida location, we also offer a wide range of addiction treatment services. They range from detox at Tides Edge to counseling and therapy via one of the following programs:

When you choose treatment over your addiction, you commit to lifetime sobriety. There is no such thing as a partial recovery from addiction. The first step you need to take towards recovery is admitting you have an illness. The next step is to pick up the phone and call Beaches Recovery at 866.605.0532.

As a premier rehab center, we know a thing or two about treatment, including addiction aftercare programs. If you put your faith in us, you will have an excellent chance at a lasting recovery from addiction.