In the United States today, alcoholism is on the rise. Over the past decade, an increasingly high number of Americans are seeking professional addiction treatment at an alcohol rehab facility.

So What About You?

At an alcohol rehab facility group meetings are standard.Are you struggling with alcohol? Do you find yourself waking up with a hangover day after day? What specific challenges do you face if you seek help? Often, the stigma around alcohol abuse and alcoholism is one of the main reasons why more people don’t seek help for this common disease.

What stigmas remain about alcohol addiction? How can you overcome them?

The Stigma of Addiction to Alcohol

Alcohol is unlike any other substance that one becomes addicted to. For example, unlike street drugs or party drugs, alcohol is probably in your grandmother’s cupboard. You drink it with friends, at work functions, at funerals, and at weddings. It’s literally everywhere you look, from billboards and TV advertisements to grocery stores and gas stations.

When you consider these facts, it may help you realize why alcoholism is so pervasive in the United States today. Similarly, it’s also a pervasive problem in numerous other countries around the world. Unfortunately, however, there is still a strong stigma surrounding alcohol addiction.

A stigma can be defined as a negative attitude that is imposed by society at large on a select group of people. In the situation of alcohol addiction, it is society at large who is stigmatizing those with alcohol addictions.

You Don’t Have to Struggle

If you watch television, most of the people who are struggling with alcohol addiction are adult males who beat their wives and children or females who are promiscuous and can’t hold down a job. Alcoholics on television, in movies, and even in books are villains and people to be pitied. Many people think that those who struggle with alcoholism are foolish, don’t have any willpower, and are generally immoral or incapable people.

Of course, this isn’t the attitude of everyone, but the stigma still exists, and it does damage to those trying to admit a drinking problem. As a result of the stigma surrounding alcohol addiction, many individuals are afraid to admit they have a problem with alcohol even when they’re showing alcoholic symptoms.

They’re afraid of telling their friends and family they need help, and they’re afraid to even to stop drinking as it may show a sign of weakness. After all, shouldn’t you be able to have just one with your friends or with dinner?

Most alcoholics can’t have “just one,” and that’s why they need professional help at an accredited alcohol rehab facility

How to Deal With the Stigma of Alcohol Addiction

There are many ways you can deal with the stigma of alcohol addiction on your own, but let’s cut to the chase. It’s important not to take this stigma seriously. If you know you need help for alcohol abuse or addiction, then you indeed need help. It’s essential that you find it as soon as possible.

The effects of alcohol can be extremely detrimental to your body and mind as well as to external factors like your career path and social and familial relationships. Don’t wait for alcoholism to catch up with you and cause medical problems or issues with the law that will stay with you forever. Do not isolate yourself. Don’t try to hide that you’re struggling. Forget what society says about alcohol addiction, and get the help you need.

Finding an Alcohol Rehab Facility

Beaches Recovery is a leading alcohol rehab facility located in Jacksonville, Florida. We are Joint Commission accredited and offer numerous programs that can help you recover from your alcohol addiction problem.

At our facility, there’s zero stigma. We want to help you get sober. We have the tools and expertise needed to get you there. Our therapy programs include the following:

To learn more about the treatment programs and therapies that we offer, give us a call at 866.605.0532. If you have been struggling with alcohol abuse, Beaches Recovery is exactly where you need to be. Call today.