College student who needs alcohol rehab in Florida to fight her addiction.It was surely a proud day when your child went off to college. One can only imagine the concern and disappointment you felt when you discovered they were dealing with an addiction. Many people will immediately point to and place the blame on the party environment typically found on college campuses. The reality is your child may be dealing with some deep-rooted personal problems that often lead to excessive drinking and using. At this point, you might be coming to the realization that alcohol rehab in Florida is something you need to consider for your son or daughter.

The Conflicts Created by Alcoholism in a College Environment

Considering the cost of a college education, it’s important that students focus on their studies and not on happy hours. Setting aside the fact your child might be drinking while underage, the likelihood they are getting the most from their educational opportunity is very small. It’s nearly impossible to spend every waking moment in the throes of an addiction and still get the grades necessary to prepare for a future in the real world.

Alcoholism affects the mind and body in so many ways. The addiction drives its victims to sacrifice important things like homework and tests in favor of having a few drinks with roommates. Relationships will begin to fall apart, putting additional pressure on the student as they navigate a full schedule. Money intended for school begins to dissipate and before they know it, paying for school becomes a problem. Alarmingly, the dropout rate for college students dealing with an addiction is very high.

Alcohol Rehab in Florida as a Treatment Option

As a concerned parent, you know your child better than anyone else on the planet. You surely understand the need to get them help sooner rather than later. If your child needs to take a sabbatical from college in order to deal with an addiction, you’ll want to look for the best possible treatment option.

The state of Florida is prominently considered to be a hotbed for the best in addiction treatment services. If you are willing to help your child find a place in an alcohol rehab in Florida, there’s a good chance your child will get excellent care. An alcohol rehab in Florida, particularly Beaches Recovery, stands as the best place to get your child immediate help. By sacrificing a little time away from school, they will be able to find the road to recovery and get back to building themselves a future.

Beaches Recovery – A Premier Alcohol Rehab in Florida

Beaches Recovery is a premier drug and alcohol treatment in Florida, specifically Jacksonville. What sets us apart from any other top alcohol rehab in Florida is our focus on helping young adults. Our professional counselors and clinicians are very adept at helping young people deal with an addiction before their future is put at risk. Our counselors even have the flexibility to design custom treatment programs for kids who are in college.

It starts with the patient and their needs as a student. While undergoing treatment in our facility, your child will be encouraged to take part in an academic program. The program focuses on teaching basic study skills and helping them integrate back into a college environment after they have completed treatment. Once they establish a solid recovery and reestablish a desire for their education, they will feel a great sense of pride and accomplishment.

The following list includes the types of treatment programs we use here at Beaches Recovery. We will work closely with you and your child to select the one that best suits their needs.

We know you love your child and want to help them get help for their addiction. It requires they be willing to admit they have an illness and want help. When the time comes, Beaches Recovery will be there to provide the treatment your child needs. To get them started on the path to lasting recovery contact us at 8666050532.