Counselor conducting behavioral therapy session in recovery center.In order to meet the needs of unique addiction patients from all over the world, top treatment centers like Beaches Recovery have to be prepared to offer a variety of treatment modalities. Each patient’s addiction has aspects that are unique to that individual and demands specific treatment methods. In today’s rehab treatment industry, cognitive behavioral therapy is one of the universal modalities currently being used.

About Behavioral Therapy

By definition, behavioral therapy was developed as a process that allows doctors and psychologists to look at a patient’s negative thought patterns which lead them to harmful negative behaviors like drug abuse. These negative thought patterns manifest through feelings of helplessness, inadequacy, anger, sadness and depression, among other emotions.

Once a specific negative behavior identifies, trained staff can then begin the process of teaching the patient about that behavior, why it occurs and how to change it going forward. With self-awareness, a patient is more likely going to be open to specific treatment methods that can help combat their deep-rooted negative thought patterns.

How Behavioral Therapy Used in Treating Addiction

As indicated above, the key component in behavioral therapy is finding the source of negative actions. This is achieved through hours of open and honest individual therapy and testing done with a counselor or psychologist. Many times, it’s negative personal feelings that lead someone into addiction, usually in an attempt to punish themselves or to make themselves feel better.

Individuals may feel inadequate based on their own negative thoughts. Counselors work to get those negative thoughts out in the open and replace them with more accurate positive ones.

Once the cause becomes apparent, clinicians work on applying treatment methods that can help turn negative thoughts into positive ones. Patients recover at different speeds. The staff will evaluate every patient’s individualized care when applying different therapy methods. Successful drug treatment programs are built around patience and determination. Behavioral therapy is no exception.

A few treatment methods typically used to help addiction patients get past negative thoughts can help in addiction counseling. Through these methods, the desire for self-abuse through substance abuse should disappear.

  • Development of problem-solving capabilities – Patients learn to break complicated problems into smaller components that are easier to manage.
  • Enhancement of self-esteem – Evident low self-esteem responds well to behavioral therapy. This process helps patients feel more in control of their lives. Building confidence is key in this process. Many times, additional experiential therapy and new hobbies help build self-esteem and confidence.
  • Avoiding peer pressure – People with negative thought patterns tend to follow the crowd. By building the patient’s confidence, they are more able to set aside pressure from the negative people in their lives.

Beaches Recovery and Behavioral Therapy

At Beaches Recovery, our clinicians encourage behavioral-based treatment methods. In our Jacksonville, Florida facility, we provide a variety of treatment options, many focused on behavioral modification techniques. The following is a list of treatment options we make available:

  • Dual diagnosis treatment for mental health issues
  • Individual and family residential treatment
  • Extended care for severe addictions
  • Intensive outpatient options
  • Aftercare programs that include transitional and sober living components

If you are suffering from an addiction, there will hopefully come a time when you want to feel normal again. Before your addiction leads you to jail, insanity or death, we hope you will pick up the phone and call us at 8666050532. At Beaches Recovery, our mission is to help you better understand your addiction so you can better understand how to fight back and avoid relapses. Your life is worth the time, effort and money. We can be your guide back to a better way of living.