Chiropractic therapy methods help pain of detox for this woman

Holistic treatment helps an individual recover from an addiction by looking at the whole individual. When patients suffer from trauma, anxiety or physical pain that led to addiction a whole-person approach works well. Chiropractic therapy methods are one form of these treatments used in many detox facilities and rehab centers today to address mind and body.

Addiction detox is often portrayed in films and on television as a harrowing process that is ugly, dark and almost violently painful. It makes for good drama, but the reality is a bit different. While detox is certainly difficult when patients must overcome chemical addictions, these over-the-top depictions bear little resemblance to the real experience of a quality detox center of today.


Study of Chiropractic Therapy Methods Being Used for Addiction

A study conducted in 2001 by the American College of Addictionology & Compulsive Disorders of the University of Miami School of Medicine, in conjunction with the University of North Texas, linked chiropractic care to addiction treatment. This study included 98 patients divided into groups that were tracked throughout their addiction treatment, with some receiving chiropractic care and others not being treated through these methods.

A remarkable 100% of the patients receiving chiropractic care completed their addiction treatment program. On the other hand, only 74% of patients enrolled in treatment but not receiving chiropractic care completed their program. Patients who were told they were being treated using chiropractic therapy methods, but for whom real chiropractic therapy was not actually provided, only completed treatment in 56% of cases.

Many people assume that chiropractic therapy methods only provide back and neck relief. But the reality of chiropractic medicine is that the treatments are based in neurology. Addiction is rooted in neurology, the brain and its signals. So through chiropractic therapies and the neurological treatment these therapies provide, patients of addiction can be helped.

Of course, this is a simplified explanation of chiropractic medicine’s effect on detox and addiction treatment. But results of patients who have received chiropractic therapy methods as part of their pathway to recovery speak for themselves.

How Chiropractic Therapy Methods Can Help You in Addiction Treatment

Stress relief and relaxation are the biggest benefits patients first notice from chiropractic therapy methods used in addiction treatment. Recovery is a difficult time and any method that can help reduce stress will likely benefit the overall process of treatment. Patients of addiction are, by their nature, evaders of stress through drug abuse. So having a holistic means of stress reduction is extremely helpful during treatment.

Chiropractic treatment also provides emotional comfort, whether in detox or rehab. Patients experience wide emotional swings each day during early recovery. It can be very hard to deal with these emotions. Chiropractic care helps patients quiet their minds and enjoy an inner peace that helps them endure the emotional swings.

Many patients also find themselves addicted to medications originally prescribed for pain issues. Chronic pain is a big pathway to opioid addiction, for example. Chiropractic care can locate the sources of pain and help relieve those root issues for better success in recovery.

Chiropractic treatment provides even more benefits in detox and rehab, including:

  • Reduced cravings
  • Lessened depression
  • Relieved anxiety
  • Improved mental performance
  • Reduced cortisol (“stress hormone”) levels
  • Improved circulation
  • Increased oxygenation of the body

Accredited Recovery and Diverse Methods for Optimum Recovery

Chiropractic therapy methods are just one aspect of treatment for addiction. The key to successfully overcoming drug and alcohol addiction lies in finding the right mix of therapeutic methods that work for each individual. It’s important to treat each person’s root conditions that led to substance abuse, while also repairing the effects of that use and ensuring strength in recovery for a bright future.

Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville, Florida is a JCHAO-accredited addiction treatment facility. They provide a wide spectrum of therapeutic methods for individual success in rehab. These methods include dual diagnosis care for co-occurring conditions, individual counseling, group therapy, family therapy and holistic therapies integrating methods like chiropractic care.

If you or your loved one are ready to gain the best possible chance for full and lasting recovery from addiction, Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville is ready to help. Call us for more information and insurance verification at 8666050532.