Many people experience a DUI in Florida. Your first feelings are embarrassment and fear when you face telling others about your “new” problem. But then you realize how much experiencing a DUI tells you about the state of your life and addiction. Thankfully, if the state of Florida permits you to enter the Fresh Start DUI Program, you have a real chance of turning your life around before it is too late.

What is the Fresh Start DUI Program at Beaches Recovery?

The Fresh Start DUI Program gives you a second chance, as its name implies. This program enables Beaches Recovery, under the Northeast Florida Safety Council’s sanctioning, to help you gain the real fresh start you deserve. You need freedom from your addiction and associated problems, so this is your chance.

Through Beaches Recovery’s DUI Program in Florida, people who meet specific criteria must choose addiction treatment program provider for addiction education, counseling, and other programs. You can choose to look at this as a hassle. Or you can take advantage of the program and bring real change. After all, who wants to experience another DUI or worse, hurt others or yourself while driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol?

As in other levels of care, Beaches Recovery provides you with the best, accredited options for your addiction recovery. You receive an individualized treatment plan after an addiction assessment determines your unique needs. You also gain access to other programs outside of the state requirements, to expand on your potential for long-term sobriety.

Beaches Recovery’s DUI Program in Florida provides classes that take place at various times to suit your scheduling needs. These classes meet the court requirements of Florida Statute 316.193(5) & Administrative Rule 15A-10- Licensure under/Florida Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles.

Levels of Care and Individualized Treatment at Beaches Recovery

Beaches Recovery treatment usually starts with detox, for people addicted to alcohol or drugs. Under your recent mandatory referral for the DUI program in Florida, you possibly do not have an addiction. But if you do, Tides Edge starts your treatment through medically supervised, comfortable detox.

After detox, you progress to rehab treatment at Beaches. Multiple levels of care exist to help you get the precise treatment you need. These levels of care include:

The right level of care for your specific needs depends on your addiction assessment results. Beaches Recovery provides this assessment and helps you find the right option for individualized treatment planning.

Therapies During Your Beaches Recovery Treatment Plan

When you enter one of the accredited rehab programs of Beaches Recovery, your treatment plan includes therapies, support, and services designed specifically for you. For some people, these plans include aftercare and sober living. But whatever the course of treatment, you gain the real chance to build a better life without the legal risks you face today.

Therapies and services of Beaches Recovery include:

Right now you face problems with the State of Florida if you do not meet your legal requirements as part of the Fresh Start DUI Program in Florida. You fulfill these requirements in your DUI classes at Beaches. But Beaches Recovery can also help you extend that grace from the state through true recovery gained in Jacksonville treatment on your own merit. Call Beaches Recovery now at 866.605.0532 for more information about your DUI treatment options.