Depressed guy with hand on head probably needs a Florida alcohol detox.Alcohol’s ubiquitous nature has enabled it to become one of the most abused substances throughout the country. If you or someone you know is suffering from alcohol addiction, pursuing treatment at a Florida alcohol detox may be right for you.

Many individuals who pursue treatment find that identifying a location that offers both detox and treatment helps ensure that lasting sobriety is achieved. When you receive treatment at a facility that offers both detox and addiction treatment, your transition from one stage to the next is as seamless as possible. Here’s some more information about pursuing treatment.

A Florida Alcohol Detox Will Offer Different Programs

When you pursue treatment at a detox facility, professional staff will keep you safe while you navigate through your personal alcohol detox timeline. This often means that treatment will occur in stages and involve a combination of techniques. While no single program will work for every person, many detox facilities specialize in offering programs that combine evidence-based treatment techniques that have been proven to be effective.

Whether you pursue an inpatient or outpatient program, it may benefit you to target a treatment facility that specializes in holistic practices. This ensures that you aren’t exposed to any new substances and that you’re given the best chance to succeed. Many holistic programs focus on including the following aspects:

  • Sober fellowship
  • Healthy confrontation
  • Accountability

By honing in on these items as specific goals, individuals pursuing treatment ensure they’re building the skills they need to maintain a sober lifestyle. Ultimately, the goal of working through a detox program should be to make certain that you are building the habits you need to stay sober.

A Florida Alcohol Detox Will Work Within Your Alcohol Withdrawal Timeline

When you regularly abuse alcohol, your body develops both an addiction as well as a dependence. Many individuals who abuse alcohol regularly over the long-term have to work through a withdrawal timeline. Withdrawal symptoms appear as detoxing from alcohol begins. The stages that occur during this timeline are what makes detoxing from alcohol alone so difficult.

Within the first 12 hours, many individuals experience bodily tremors, sweating, vomiting, and a rapid heartbeat. Symptoms often peak within the first 48 hours and can include hallucinations, seizures, or panic attacks. Ongoing nervous feelings can occur from days 3 to 5 with delirium potentially setting in as well. Psychological symptoms may persist after the sixth day, with symptoms coming in waves for months after your last drink.

Travel To A Florida Alcohol Detox May Benefit You

Addiction is a chronic disease prone to relapse. For many individuals, relapse often occurs due to harmful triggers in your everyday life. It is often best to avoid the triggers that may cause you to relapse by pursuing treatment away from home. If you’re a Florida resident, you may find that simply pursuing an inpatient program and staying outside of your home while you get sober will ensure you do not immediately relapse.

Beaches Recovery is a 30-bed addiction treatment facility located in Jacksonville, Florida. This facility focuses on fostering a warm and welcoming community for Florida residents and travelers, as well. With the full continuum of care provided, individuals receiving treatment at this center have access to multiple treatment programs. These include:

Don’t let the addiction in your life control you any longer. Pick up the phone and reach out to Beaches Recovery today at 866.605.0532 for more information about pursuing treatment at a Florida alcohol detox. Your first step on the road to recovery begins with a single phone call.