There are many forms of therapy used in addiction therapy and treatment programs. One of the most common types is group therapy. Those attending addiction treatment programs of any kind can expect to participate in group therapy activities.

What’s the Purpose of Group Therapy Activities?

Group therapy activities at treatment centers.In therapy programs that focus on individual therapy sessions, there are numerous formats that your therapists may take. Group therapy, on the other hand, tends to focus on one topic or activity per session. That topic or group therapy activities will change every time you get together.

Group topics might center around unique experiences with substance abuse and addiction. They may also have nothing to do with addiction at all. For example, the leading counselor of a group session may ask everyone to share a fond memory. They may next ask everyone to share a memory that makes them sad or angry.

The goal of these group therapy activities is to not to make you feel uncomfortable or sad or angry. It’s to share personal experiences so that you can all feel more comfortable around each other.

Furthermore, diving into strong emotions during group therapy sessions is good. It can drive out some of the core reasons why addiction may have troubled the histories of each group member. It’s important that most of the participants share their emotions, feelings, and thoughts. This way, everyone can support each other. Everyone can also provide constructive feedback and encouragement for your journeys toward recovery.

What Topics Are Usually Discussed in Group Therapy?

Which topics are discussed and which activities you partake in will largely depend on the overall program you choose. For example, holistic programs may take a different tack than programs for students or female-centric programs.

Still, if you decide to partake in group therapy, you can look forward to the following group topics and activities:

Group therapy activities to break the ice

At your first meeting, you’ll probably do a few icebreakers. This could be the toughest meeting that you’ll attend in group therapy. That’s because you’ll be just getting to know everyone, and everyone’s anxieties will be rather high.

Group therapy isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. If you can, however, invest your time and effort into making the most of the activity. You may be asked to say a few things about yourself. You might also be asked to play a game or introduce someone else from the group. It’s best to go with the flow and try to let your guard down.

Round-the-circle suggestions for staying busy

In many cases, achieving sobriety after substance abuse problems involves utilizing “stay busy” strategies and coping techniques. These can help you avoid thinking about and moving toward using drugs as a Band-Aid for life. One activity that your counselor leader may suggest is asking the group for suggestions. Everyone will offer suggestions on how to stay busy and entertained instead of using drugs.

Prepared speeches

After you get to know one another, your group leader may ask individual group members to prepare a speech. This may be a small history of your experiences with substance abuse or any type of personal story. Often, the goal of sharing this information is about learning to open up.

Locating a Treatment Center That Offers Group Therapy Activities

There are numerous other activities and topics that your group therapy sessions may focus on while in addiction therapy. These range from thought prompts and role play exercises to brainstorming sessions and meditation. All of these activities can be extremely constructive for helping you recover from substance abuse problems.

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