A substance abuse counselor speaking with a patient about her addiction treatment.We’ve all seen the movies and television shows with drug counselors coaching clients in a drug and alcohol rehab program. These counselors are usually depicted as caring people who have been through life challenges themselves. The reality is actually not much different. A good substance abuse counselor often has walked in your shoes and now wants nothing more than to help you succeed in recovery.

What Does a Substance Abuse Counselor Do?

A drug treatment counselor focuses on providing support and education for clients in rehab. They also serve the purpose of confronting you with your truths. All of this is without judgment and within a safe, professional and trusting relationship.

Your substance abuse counselor gets to know you. You deserve their understanding and, if you let them “in,” soon you have an ally in your recovery. This support endures throughout your journey to lasting recovery.

Your substance abuse counselor guides you through your program. However, you are still responsible for your own recovery. Your success lies squarely on your own shoulders. Your counselor will even remind you of this from time to time.

One thing people in recovery frequently dislike is the structure of rehab. Your substance abuse counselor will direct you through your schedule and will not let you become complacent, no matter how positive your relationship.

The counselor in charge of group or individual therapies also guides you. This may be the same person or a different one from the counselor guiding you through your program. The therapy counselor pushes you to be honest, self-disciplined and focused.

Even though a substance abuse counselor will be your guide through rehab, this person is not going to let you take advantage of them. They have seen and heard every behavior and excuse you can imagine, so you will be accountable for your own recovery.

What Your Substance Abuse Counselor Will Not Do

In rehab, your counselor never harshly judges you. They confront you about reality, but not with personal opinions or beliefs. They will not judge your behaviors, either. Your disease shows itself in unattractive ways at times, and they know the faults typical for people with an addiction.

Your drug counselor is professional at all times and respects you as a person. She or he won’t be late for your meetings or appointments, so neither should you. He or she won’t call you names or speak to you disrespectfully. She or he also won’t burden you with their personal business or troubles, because your rehab is about you.

Your counselor does not expect what worked well for them to be your solution. To them, you are an individual with your own unique needs, not theirs.

The respect and dignity that your drug or alcohol counselor gives you may be different than the relationships you have at home. At home, people may make you feel guilty and ashamed of your addiction. Those are things your counselor or any of the staff at rehab will never do.

Rehab is a Safe, Trusting and Respectful Place

Going into substance abuse treatment is a big decision. This is a decision you need to make if you truly want to save yourself and stop the destruction addiction brings into your life. You can rest assured that you will have the support you need in treatment, from your substance abuse counselors.

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