Sad woman on park bench needs alcohol counseling in FLThousands of Americans struggle with some form of addiction. Many people seek alcohol counseling in FL for a variety of reasons. Florida-based facilities not only provide great scenery, but because many of them are accredited, insurance companies are more willing to work with them. Florida has an incredible recovery community, allowing individuals to receive high-quality treatment and support.

With local triggers around each corner, individuals seeking true recovery should consider traveling to Florida. It’s difficult for many people to take the time they need to truly experience recovery. Even with employment and family obligations, it’s important to work on yourself. Temporarily relocating for treatment can give you the opportunity to start over.

Why Traveling for Alcohol Counseling in FL Is Beneficial

Different factors increase a person’s risk of developing an addiction, and a person’s environment is a leading factor. Many people find it difficult to embrace recovery in their hometown. For instance, a person may have previously sought alcohol detox programs nearby, only to relapse soon after. Some of the following people, places and things play a major role in prohibiting recovery:

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Work
  • School
  • Living situation

Emotions like stress, anger and sadness can easily cause a person to use. When people are constantly near societal triggers, it’s difficult to embrace recovery. Without developing a solid foundation, individuals can lose everything.

Relocating for alcohol counseling in FL allows individuals the distance and time needed to build a strong recovery foundation. While it won’t eliminate these emotions and situations forever, the treatment process will to teach you how to deal with these situations without drinking or using. Upon completing treatment, you’ll be able to return home with confidence in your sobriety.

What You Learn During Alcohol Counseling in FL

The best alcohol counseling in FL emphasizes treatment in a nonjudgemental, one-on-one environment with a qualified therapist. Through individual therapy, you’ll work together to analyze your past as well as your current situation. Soon, you’ll begin to find answers as to why you began drinking or using in the first place. You’ll also begin to see what has been fueling your addiction and keeping you sick.

Through therapy, professional therapists offer suggestions that you can put into practical use. This will also happen in the group setting, where you’ll quickly see that you’re not alone in recovery. The disease of addiction makes you believe that you’re the only one struggling. Through group alcohol counseling in FL, you’ll see that there are others who feel just like you do, and they’ll be there to support you.

Treating Alcohol Addiction at Beaches Recovery

No matter how hopeless you may feel, Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville, Florida can help you live the life that you deserve. Our fully accredited facility offers rehab for alcohol addiction. Other addictions treated include:

We also incorporate dual diagnosis treatment into our comprehensive therapeutic approach, which allows us to address underlying mental illnesses on the road to recovery.

Don’t continue to struggle with alcoholism. For fully accredited alcohol counseling in FL, call Beaches Recovery today!