If You're Struggling With A Percocet Addiction, Help Is An Option For YouPrescription pill addictions have become more and more common over the years, especially ones that are classified as opiates. Percocet is no exception. While it’s possible to use Percocet and not become addicted, it’s also possible to abuse the drug to the point where you become dependent. If you’ve been struggling with Percocet addiction, there are professionals available who are willing and qualified to help you start and maintain a life of sobriety.

How Percocet Addiction Manifests

Percocet is a combination of two different painkillers, oxycodone and acetaminophen. As an opiate, oxycodone works by disrupting communication in the central nervous system so a person feels less pain. Acetaminophen is used to enhance the effects that oxycodone has.

If prescribed by a doctor and taken as directed, Percocet users should have no problem weening off the drug once they no longer need it. Those who misuse the drug, however, are likely to become physically dependent on it. Once that happens, users will begin to experience withdrawal symptoms whenever they go too long without Percocet or another opiate. People who continue their drug abuse because they feel like using is the only way for them to maintain normalcy have developed a Percocet addiction.

Why It’s Important To Seek Help For Percocet Addiction

The journey to sobriety can be overwhelming and, at times, painful, especially if you’re working through it alone. The withdrawal symptoms involved with Percocet addiction can be debilitating. Percocet withdrawal can include symptoms like:

  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Abdominal Cramps

While none of these symptoms alone are actually life threatening, together they can make anyone feel miserable. If you’re going through the withdrawal process alone, it will be easier to cave and go back to drug abuse instead of working through the discomfort. If you turn back to use in that state, you could overdose in order to feel normal again, which could lead to severe medical problems or even death.

Going through addiction treatment is about more than just working through withdrawal, however. Frequently, people who have any sort of addiction, including Percocet addiction, are dealing with social and personal issues outside of their addiction troubles. At a reputable addiction treatment center, medical professionals can help you identify the issues that you have so you can learn how to properly cope with them, as well as other stresses that you could have in the future.

Where To Go For Percocet Addiction Treatment

When looking for a viable treatment center, you want to search for ones that specialize in opiate addiction. Different drugs affect the body in different ways. If you enter a treatment center that isn’t knowledgeable about opiate addiction, you could be missing something crucial in your treatment programs.

Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville, Florida can help you through your opiate addiction troubles. At our 90-bed facility, we help our guests understand addiction and teach them healthy habits that they can maintain throughout their future sobriety.

We offer both traditional and holistic programs that are designed to give you the most well-rounded, adjustable care possible. If treatment programs aren’t working for you, you’ll be able to speak with a medical professional to discuss other treatment options or even how that program can be adapted to your unique needs.

Getting Help For Addiction Starts With Reaching Out

You don’t have to live your life struggling with Percocet addiction any longer. At Beaches Recovery, you’ll be surrounded by knowledgeable and supportive staff that can help you. Call us today at 8666050532 and begin your journey back to sobriety.