Woman with hand on chin contemplating getting help after hearing drug overdose statistics.While abusing substances, you are putting yourself at significant risk. The best you can hope for is discord in your life. This might include relationship issues, problems at school and/or work, family issues and encounters with law enforcement. If things really get out of control, you are looking at the prospect of serious health issues. That puts drug overdose and a possible accidental death on the table.

Current Drug Epidemics

It’s difficult to find a newspaper or news show that doesn’t cover some aspect related to the dramatic increase in heroin and prescription drug use and abuse in America. The problems are occurring because the availability of these substances is on the rise. Is it a national epidemic? If it hasn’t be classified as such so far, it certainly is an eminent possibility.

At the city and state levels, the increase in heroin abuse is starting to feel like an epidemic. It’s not uncommon to walk through some of the nation’s major cities and see someone laying in the street or in an alley, showing heroin overdose symptoms. As a nation, we should be deeply concerned about what is transpiring.

Drug Overdose in America – The Cold Hard Facts

Every year, the Centers for Disease Control authorizes a study to be done related to drug overdose occurrences. The study is prepared and issued each year by the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Given the reliability of the data disclosed and reported below, something needs to be done to stem the tide of drug abuse before it’s too late.

According to the report issued for the year ending 2015, more than 50,000 Americans died from a drug overdose that year. Of that number, more that 30,000 of the deaths came at the hands of heroin and other opiate-based substances. Compared to the data from 2002, both of these numbers show an increase of well over 200%. Keep in mind, heroin, and opiate painkillers are the very drugs currently creating issues on the nation’s streets. That indicates this trend will most likely continue.

After factoring in accidental alcohol-related deaths caused by vehicle accidents, the country is witnessing the useless carnage being caused by substance abuse. With perhaps more than 2.1 million drug overdose visits a year to emergency rooms across the nation, the problem needs intervention. That intervention should come at the government level with an emphasis on prevention.

Beaches Recovery’s Role in the Drug Abuse Issue

As one of the top drug and alcohol treatment centers in Jacksonville, Florida, Beaches Recovery takes its responsibility to help patients arrest their addictions very seriously. With the number of people abusing drugs getting larger every year, this responsibility is becoming increasingly more important. Not only are we concerned about this epidemic but family members and local communities also must deal with the collateral damage of drug abuse, overdose, and death.

At our 30-bed facility, we offer a variety of treatment options, all geared towards enabling a full recovery for our patients. This is achieved by addiction education and the development of the life skills necessary to negotiate life without using drugs and/or alcohol. Our primary treatment programs include:

  • Outpatient and intensive outpatient
  • Inpatient and extended care
  • Partial hospitalization
  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Access to transitional and sober living

If you are ready to pursue recovery, you don’t have to go it alone. Don’t let your addiction drag you down to a needless drug overdose. Our counselors and clinicians here at Beaches Recovery are ready to help you find the road to recovery. Your first step is to admit defeat and seek help. You can get the addiction help you need by calling us right now at 8666050532.