Types of alcoholics include chronic severe which may this man with head in hand and drink.When trying to understand alcoholism, it’s important to understand that there are varying types of alcoholics. Understanding this can help you or you’re a loved one get much-needed assistance at a rehab for alcohol addiction. There are many misconceptions about what alcoholism actually is, so it’s important to understand it. The first thing you need to do is start seeing addiction as an illness on a spectrum.

Much like cancer, there are different stages of addiction, and it gets worse over time, the longer a person drinks. Also like cancer, the types of alcoholics in the early stages of alcoholism have a much better chance of recovery. Severe alcoholism is much more difficult to recover from, but it is possible, and many people prove it every day. It’s also important to understand that even if one is functioning, alcoholism is still a big problem.

Types of Alcoholics–The Beginning

Addiction is when a person continues to pursue an action repeatedly despite negative consequences that occur. In the early stages of alcoholism, there may not be many consequences, but there be troublesome issues evident. Alcoholism begins to develop when a person begins to turn to alcohol in an abusive way to deal with life. Someone who is in the early stages may drink regularly to deal with the stresses of work, family, finances and more.

Types of Alcoholics–The Hard Drinker

As alcoholism begins to progress, it becomes harder and harder to understand you have a problem. Someone who is a hard drinker is still able to have a moment of clarity in which he or she sees what’s happening. A hard drinker is someone who is able to see the negative effects of alcohol on his or her life. When a hard drinker faces potentially severe consequences, he or she can stop, at least for a while. These consequences can include:

  • Health issues
  • Problems with a spouse
  • Issues at work
  • Legal troubles
  • Financial troubles

At this stage, the person can clearly see that alcohol is the culprit for each negative situation in his or her life. This makes it much easier to seek the help that he or she needs, and they’ll have much more willingness. Willingness is essential in treatment, and it often comes with acceptance of the fact that you have the disease of alcoholism. Ideally, a person is able to catch his or her alcoholism at this stage to have the best chances of recovery.

Types of Alcoholics–Severe

When alcoholism becomes severe, a person has a problem with his or her prefrontal cortex, so it’s much harder to see the issue. The prefrontal cortex helps a person be self-aware, have empathy and make logical decisions. With severe alcoholism, it’s difficult for a person to separate the truth from false, so he or she is probably in denial. This type of person will have much more trouble admitting that drinking is a problem because of the dependence and the brain’s perception.

The mind of someone with severe alcoholism tries to make a variety of justifications and rationalizations. He or she may believe that they aren’t hurting anyone else by continuing to drink. They may also believe that their drinking is not a problem because he or she still has a job or a car or a place to live. It’s important to know that alcoholism is an issue as soon as you lose the power of choice when drinking.

All Types of Alcoholics Get Help at Beaches

Beaches Recovery has various addiction treatment programs for all of the different types of alcoholics. Whether your addiction is in the early or late stages, we can help you with our treatment programs. We have a 30-bed facility, and we offer multiple levels of care to suit your needs. Alcoholism, in any stage, does not have to control you.You can find peace and recovery. Call 8666050532.