It’s distressing to even think about the number of illegal drugs we find on the streets. Each new man-made synthetic substance ends up being more lethal than the one before it. Still, it’s the opioids that create a majority of society’s issues. Today, America faces an epidemic because of prescription medication abuse. The drugs of choice are usually painkillers. Throw in heroin, and we are left dealing with opium effects everywhere we turn.

About Opium Effects

Woman hiding face feeling opium effects that need treatmentIn the early stages of opium use, users enjoy the euphoria one realizes with every pill or hit. This euphoria, along with feelings of serenity, quickly become the drug’s primary draw. We label these as the positive opium effects. Of course, nothing good lasts forever. In fact, it doesn’t take long for users to form an addiction to opiates, all in pursuit of that high.

Eventually, the good becomes bad. The bad opium effects are seemingly a requisite for opium abuse. Looking at the signs of opium use, it’s evident that things digress as the user moves into addiction. Here’s a partial list of the opium effects that come from abuse:

  • Stomach issues
  • Irregular bowel movements pointed towards constipation
  • Agitation when coming down from a high
  • Dry mouth
  • Breathing issues and irregular circulatory function
  • Disorientation and confusion
  • Constricted pupils

These signs are noticeable soon after the addict starts abusing opiates. From there, things continue to get worse as the addiction progresses. Eventually, something has to give. Hopefully, that “give” turns into the addict seeking help from addiction treatment programs like those at Beaches Recovery.

The Solution

By the time opium effects become apparent, the addict is usually facing significant life problems. At the bottom, the only remaining solution the addict has to choose from is treatment at a rehab facility. The treatment process becomes the only lifeline to the future.

Clinicians will start the treatment process with detox. With opiates, any attempt to suddenly stop using them will bring about some harsh opiate withdrawal symptoms. We are talking about symptoms like severe muscle cramps, convulsions, sleeping issues, and hallucinations. A medically-monitored detox makes it possible for patients to get through withdrawal with minimal discomfort and pain.

A successful detox increases the likelihood of a successful treatment program. Once therapy begins, the patient and their counselors will be looking for answers. They are looking to find the causes of the patient’s addiction. Why is that important? Without finding causation, only the body gets the right treatment. Therapy lays the groundwork for developing coping skills. The patient needs coping skills for recovery. Recovery is best described as avoiding relapse “one day at a time.”

Beaches Recovery – General Information

Beaches Recovery sits in Jacksonville, Florida. We treat a wide range of patients with a wide range of treatment options and are Joint Commission accredited. Beaches also accepts insurance plans from most top healthcare insurance providers. What sets us apart from other treatment facilities is our focus on the individual. Our clinicians work hard to develop custom treatment plans for each patient. We do this because we know each patient enters treatment with a unique set of circumstances. We build our programs around one of these treatment options:

We also provide detox services at Tides Edge and aftercare programs to help patients continue with recovery.

If you are struggling with an addiction to opium or any other substance, you need help. However, the process has to start with you admitting you have an addiction. When you are ready to get help, we want Beaches Recovery to be the first call you make. Our team of professional counselors and clinicians take great pride in our record of success.

All it takes to start is one phone call to 866.605.0532. After completing treatment for adverse opium effects, you’ll be able to start living the life of an average person. Won’t that be great?