Man rubbing shoulder knows he needs a relapse prevention plan after rehabHaving a relapse prevention plan before you leave treatment is absolutely crucial because of the high-risk factors. Addiction is a very powerful disease, and there’s no known cure, but it is possible to live happy in recovery. You actually have a better chance of not relapsing than someone has of cancer not returning. The primary difference to take into account is that you’re in control of decreasing your chances of relapse.

How Beaches Recovery Provides a Relapse Prevention Plan

Here at Beaches Recovery, we know that it’s possible to be successful in your recovery when you have a plan. Before you leave treatment, we’ll work with you to provide you with a relapse prevention plan that will work for you. Through ongoing care, you’ll have the best chance of not only staying sober, but you’ll also live an incredible life. Some of the various options we’ll help you with for your plan should include some of the following:

Levels of Care for Your Relapse Prevention Plan

Beaches Recovery provides clients with inpatient treatment, which is a high level of care that’s needed in early recovery. Residential treatment is needed because addiction is so powerful. You need structure and accountability to get sober and stay that way. Being in this environment gives you peace and calm, knowing that you have distance between you and your substance of choice. One mistake people make is leaving residential treatment without an extended care program including a relapse prevention plan.

Our outpatient services are provided to help you with continued recovery support as you return home and back to your life. The most dangerous words anyone in recovery can tell themselves is, “I got this.” Life in early recovery can be overwhelming because you’re not accustomed to living life sober. Our outpatient services give you a place to receive support as you deal with the new challenges of living a sober life.

Sober Living is A Great Relapse Prevention Plan

Beaches Recovery provides clients with sober living options for early recovery to give you a safe place to live. Sober living is simply a home in which the residents are also people who are trying to live a life in recovery. This can be extremely beneficial for everyone because you’ll continue to have accountability as well as freedom. In these homes, you can go to outpatient therapies, work or school, and you’ll also be able to visit loved ones.

This is typically a great option for anyone who has a high-risk home living environment. One high-risk factor can be that someone in the home is still drinking or using drugs and won’t stop for you. This doesn’t mean he or she is a bad person, but you should have additional support before living in that environment. Sober living is also a good option for anyone who lives in a very stressful environment, which can be with a spouse, significant other, or other family members.

12-Step Programs are A Great Relapse Prevention Plan

While you’re in treatment at Beaches Recovery, we’ll teach you the basics of different 12-step programs like Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. These fellowships, as well as many others, have meetings that are meant to support your recovery. In meetings, you’ll meet men and women who are living an amazing life in sobriety, who want to help you. Through gaining new relationships with people in recovery, you’ll consistently have the support you need.

Beaches Recovery is located in Jacksonville, Florida, and we work with a wide range of insurance companies. Before you leave our facility, we’ll ensure that you feel confident about your plan for relapse prevention. Give us a call at 8666050532 today for a way out of addiction.