Woman holding a pill which could be the precursor to a stimulant detox programDrugs like speed, cocaine, and Ritalin induce a particular high. The user can expect to experience an agitated high. Unfortunately, that only applies to the early stages of stimulant use. By the time addiction takes hold, the user is facing lousy side effects and the prospects of needing help. For sure, a stimulant detox program will be part of the treatment protocol. It’s the only way a patient can get physically and mentally ready for therapy.

The Withdrawal Symptoms That Make Stimulant Detox Necessary

Most stimulants are highly addictive. When a user crosses over into addiction, they find themselves out of control. As if the side effects from stimulants aren’t harmful enough, the withdrawal symptoms are just as bad. That’s why doctors recommend no one ever stop abusing stimulants without seeking medical advice.

Without seeking advice, the user faces the stimulant withdrawal symptoms on their own. These symptoms can range from mild to extreme, depending on the depth of the user’s addiction. It’s worth noting that even casual users might experience some intense withdrawal symptoms. Let’s take a look at what’s in store:

  • Cold chills throughout the body
  • Dulled senses and slow or slurred speech
  • Loss of interest in usual activities
  • Slowed heart rate and respiration
  • Fatigue, depression, paranoia
  • Body cramps

In the worst cases, the user might experience convulsions, hallucinations or loss of memory. It’s quite an impressive list and certainly something someone would want to avoid. The solution is stimulant detox from a reputable stimulant detox program.

What to Know About a Stimulant Detox Program

Detox is a cleansing process that helps eliminate a patient’s cravings for the drug of choice. The process also allows enough time for the patient to expel all residual substances out of their body. The goal of a stimulant detox program is to prepare the patient to receive therapy at a rehab treatment center.

In a medically-monitored stimulant detox program, the medical staff takes over. Their job is to watch patients closely for signs of discomfort. Withdrawal will happen. With a stimulant detox, the medical staff can never be sure what symptoms a patient will experience. Still, the team stands ready to lend a hand. If the patient shows signs of insomnia or pain, a doctor prescribes certain medications to keep the patient comfortable. It’s a delicate balance between letting the patient get through their withdrawal and keeping them safe and secure.

After a stimulate detox, the patient can expect to feel better than they have in a long time. Of course, there is no rest for the weary. The patient is now ready to go through the addiction counseling process. They will get the chance to work with counselors who understand addictions. Together, the two parties go on a quest of sorts. They will be looking for the causes of the patient’s desire to abuse a substance. In the end, the objective is to help the patient get sober and stay sober.

Facts About Beaches Recovery

Our premier treatment facility sits in Jacksonville, Florida. Our primary focus is treating young adults who have significant addictions. We have accreditation from the Joint Commission, which oversees the addiction treatment industry. We accept health insurance coverage payments from many of the top insurance providers. Our list of treatment programs includes detox at our Tides Edge facility, custom treatment programs, and aftercare options. Here’s a partial list of our treatment models:

There is no such thing as an old drug addict. People either get help or find themselves facing dire consequences. We hope you fall into the first category. We know it’s hard to admit you have a stimulant addiction. Just the same, it’s a step you need to take before you are ready for treatment. From a stimulant detox program to rehab therapy, we want to be part of the drug addiction help you receive. You can call Beaches Recovery at 866.605.0532. The road to recovery starts with a single step.