Teen Drug Use for these young men is dangerous to their development.When your son or daughter is abusing drugs, it can be a very difficult situation for parents and children alike. Teen drug use is very common in this day and age. Sometimes there comes a point where it becomes a major issue. Teens who are abusing drugs may become verbally and physically abusive. They may also begin neglecting school and other priorities that will help shape the rest of their lives. As a parent, this can make one feel hopeless, confused and guilty, but there is hope. It’s important to understand what addiction is and how it happens so you can begin taking the necessary steps towards finding help for your young adult child.

How Common is Teen Drug Use?

Many people believe that teen drug use is inevitable and often times it is. It’s extremely rare that someone won’t try drugs or alcohol throughout their teenage years. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), which is a government organization that keeps statistics of drug abuse and also conducts research, teen drug use is extremely common. Approximately 34.9 percent of all high school seniors have tried marijuana and 58.2 percent have tried alcohol. Alcohol and marijuana are commonly known as gateway drugs, but there are many more teens experimenting with harder drugs like prescription medications and dangerous uppers. According to the study from the NIDA, 4.4 percent have tried Vicodin, 7.5 percent have tried Adderall and about 7.7 percent have tried amphetamines.

Why does Teen Drug Use Happen?

Parents can feel extremely guilty when their teen becomes addicted to drugs or begins abusing drugs regularly. Addiction is a powerful mental illness, and even the best parents in the world can’t always prevent their child from trying drugs or becoming addicted. Addiction doesn’t affect everyone, but there are many risk factors that make teens more susceptible to addiction. Some might be genetically predisposed to addiction. Others may be developing mental health issues that they’re trying to manage. Still others might become addicted due to large amounts of stress. Sometimes all of the drug prevention methods out there aren’t enough to keep your teen children away from drugs.

Typically, teen drug use turns into abuse when a teen begins turning to substances as a way to deal with life. Being a teen can be extremely difficult. Teens are dealing with family life, academics and relationships with their peers. This is a time when the brain is evolving and a young person is trying to find where they fit in the world and the experience can seem extremely overwhelming. Due to the way the brain develops and a teen’s inability to properly regulate emotions, they may find that drugs are a way of calming the mind or helping them fit in.

What to do When Teen Drug Use is Out of Control

A common mistake that many parents make is that they believe they can love their child until he or she stops using drugs or alcohol. Unfortunately, a family’s love isn’t typically enough to make a person stop drinking or using. Addiction affects a part of the brain that makes a person believe they need drugs in order to survive. This is why the addicted person often tarnishes relationships with the people who care about him or her the most. As a parent, the best thing you can do is realize that your young adult child needs to seek treatment for help.

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