At times, drug abuse seems like a silly game show. Drug users are always looking for the latest and greatest substances to abuse. Then, the authorities try to step in and find a way to regulate the new drugs. It’s happening again. Kratom is a new drug on the streets. Actually, it’s more of an herb than a drug. What little we know about the substance includes that it can very likely to lead to Kratom abuse.

More About Kratom

Young man with folded hands on bench worried about his Kratom abuseKratom originates from portions of Southeast Asia. The actual addictive substance is in the leaves of the Kratom tree. After boiling the leaves, the user is left with a fairly potent substance. It’s interesting to note that the substance will act as either a stimulant or sedative, depending on the amount the user takes. As the dose goes higher, the substance becomes more of a sedative.

The reasons this substance is starting to gain traction is because it’s legal and supposedly undetectable in the human body. These are the characteristics that make this substance a likely candidate for Kratom abuse. An online user’s guide directs people on how much of the substance will take it from a stimulant to a sedative. At the higher end of the scale, about 30 leaves, Kratom abuse becomes a dangerous proposition.

It’s going to take time for the authorities to test and classify this substance. Until then, people can buy it online or at certain online stores or in small shops across the country. While the FDA has yet to classify this substance, they know enough to warn against the possible side effects.

The Truth About Kratom Abuse

There are two things dragging Kratom into the spotlight. At higher doses, the drug is dangerous to the average person. People are ending up in emergency rooms because of accidental overdoses. The second thing is many drug rehabs now have addiction treatment programs for a Kratom addiction.

Let’s put aside the fact that those on probation will use this drug because drug tests can’t detect it. Why else would people want to use this substance? As they start with lower doses, they get the same high they would get from taking speed. So far, so good. As they begin increasing the dosage, they notice the substance has the same properties as barbiturates. It’s like getting two drugs for the price of one.

The game begins. Users begin playing with doses until they get the effect they desire. Unfortunately, the substance is impossible to predict. Too many people are going too far with this drug, resulting in health problems and potential overdoses. At some point, Kratom will prompt an addiction. As with most any other substance, Kratom addiction requires substance abuse treatment. Kratom withdrawal can be severe, and the addiction can be dangerous. The signs of addiction include sleep issues, delusions, instability, paranoia, and nausea.

Kratom Abuse Treatment at Beaches Recovery

At our treatment facility in Jacksonville, Florida, we have the means to treat an addiction to Kratom. Depending on the depth of the addiction, we might ask our patients to go through a detox program. They can do so at our Tides Edge detox facility. After detox, our counselors work with our patients to develop custom treatment plans. We make this effort because we believe each patient’s addiction comes from a unique set of circumstances. After treatment, recovering patients are welcome to participate in any one of our aftercare programs. Here’s a brief list of our treatment options:

If you have fallen victim to Kratom abuse, you need to consider getting treatment. At Beaches Recovery, we can help you get past your addiction on the way to lasting recovery. All it takes for you to get back to living a normal life is one phone call. When you are ready, you can call us at 866.605.0532.