Using drugs by needle is the opiate definition for young woman against a wall.Opiate drug use has skyrocketed among American residents in recent years, climbing the list to be one of the most commonly abused substances today. Many users develop a dependency on these drugs after being prescribed opiate medications following an accident or surgery. In some cases, opiate medications are also prescribed in correlation with a cancer treatment. For others, the abuse starts after acquiring these drugs through illegal channels. If you have developed a dependence and subsequent addiction, browse below for more helpful information regarding an opiate definition and how to overcome this disease.

Understanding the Opiate Definition

Are you curious about the opiate definition? Do you have questions about this particular type of drug and the effects that opiates produce?

The opiate definition classifies opiates as narcotic sedatives that work by depressing the body’s central nervous system. They also act as a pain reliever and sleep inducer. Common side effects of opiate medications include nausea, oversedation, and constipation.

Now that you have learned the opiate definition, you might be wondering exactly how opiate medications affect the body.

Opiate medications are prescribed to treat moderate to severe pain and other disorders like anxiety. They also produce euphoric, sedative-like effects. They play on the Central Nervous System by activating feel good sensors in the brain and ultimately changing the way the brain perceives pain in general.

When taken in low doses exactly as prescribed, opiate medications are an effective form of pain management. Taking these habit-forming medications in large doses or over an extended period of time, however, can easily lead to dependence and subsequent addiction.

Some of the most commonly abused prescription drugs are oxycodone, oxycontin, methadone, and morphine.

Effects of Opiate Abuse

Heavy or extended use of opiates can have many unpleasant side effects on the user, both physically and mentally. Physically, this abuse can cause symptoms like nausea and vomiting, abdominal bloating and distention, liver damage, and brain damage caused by hypoxia resulting from respiratory depression. Liver damage risk increases when opiates are mixed with acetaminophen. Heavy or extended use can also lead to the development of tolerance and dependence.

The psychological effects of long-term or heavy opiate abuse include anxiety and/or depression, feelings of agitation, insomnia, and an obsessive compulsive need to seek and continue to abuse opiates. These psychological effects are strong and can persist for many months after the individual stops using. These lingering cravings are just one of the reasons that opiate addiction is so challenging to overcome, even with professional treatment.

Treatment for Opiate Addiction

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Help for Opiate Addiction is at Your Fingertips

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