Drug addiction can happen to anyone at any age. There are certain drugs, however, that are appealing to specific demographics. Lean purple drank is a relatively new substance that is gaining popularity with young people. Take a closer look at what lean is, how it can be addictive, why it is so dangerous and how you can fight back against it at Beaches Recovery.

What is Lean Purple Drank?

Lean is a beverage that also goes by names like purple drink, purple drank or sizzurp. It is typically homemade or made in small batches, which means that it can vary in dose from one cup to the next.

Purple is the color of lean purple drank.Lean purple drank is made up of several ingredients, but the primary one is prescription-strength cough medicine. This medicine contains codeine, which is an opiate. It also usually contains promethazine, which is an antihistamine that also acts as a sedative.

In small doses, prescription cough medicine is not necessarily problematic. When consumed for recreational purposes, however, it can be incredibly dangerous.

To make lean purple drank, prescription cough medicine gets mixed with a clear soda, ice, and a few hard candies. The result is a cold, sweet soft drink that packs a punch.

Why is Lean so Popular?

Lean drink is often consumed in a party environment. Many people mistakenly believe that it is similar to drinking alcohol. That is incorrect, and it can lead to lifelong problems with opioid addiction.

Lean originated in Houston, and it was popular with the music industry in the region. Today, however, lean consumption is widespread. It is most famous, however, with young people who believe lean falls into a category somewhere between alcohol and drug consumption.

It is important to note that lean is illegal. Many users don’t realize this, seeing it as a cocktail rather than a drug remarkably similar to heroin. Part of the drug’s popularity is also because many athletes and musicians can be seen using lean in the public space.

People typically use lean for its short-term side effects. These include a sense of euphoria, dizziness, and relaxation. Because some users find it hard to stand still or walk straight when under the influence, it developed the nickname lean.

What are the Long-Term Effects of Purple Drank?

Lean purple drank doesn’t just lead to short-term side effects. Chronic use can cause acute symptoms that may last a lifetime. With every use, there is the risk of addiction and overdose. There are also continuing health problems that can be caused by lean use.

Like all opiates, lean can lead to constipation. This is more than just uncomfortable, and it could cause bowel impaction or perforation. Urinary tract infections are also common among long-term lean users. Dental decay is very likely thanks to the high sugar content of the beverage.

How Does a Lean Addiction Develop?

An addiction to lean purple drank develops like any other opioid addiction. At first, users may enjoy the side effects. Over time, however, the opioid receptors in the brain will grow used to the steady dose of codeine. Users will need to consume ever higher amounts of lean to feel the same effects as before.

Purple drank abuse can quickly become an addiction. Opiates are highly addictive for everyone, but those with specific risk factors may develop an addiction faster. Anyone with a mental health issue, a history of trauma or a family history of addiction is at especially high risk.

Overcome Lean Addiction at Beaches Recovery

At Beaches Recovery, clients will be able to overcome drug addiction with a helpful staff and high-quality care. Although lean is a dangerous substance, the right tools can help you get sober and stay sober for a lifetime. The key is a comprehensive treatment plan that can be adjusted to meet your needs and your history. Some of the most effective therapies can include:

Lean purple drank is more dangerous than many realize. Fortunately, Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville, Florida, can help clients overcome their dependence on drugs like lean. Call 866.605.0532 when you’re ready to fight for your health, your happiness, and control over your life.