Speed drug abuse is rampant in our society. This drug, also known as meth or methamphetamine, is highly addictive. It is also one of the most widely abused drugs despite its extreme side effects. People abuse speed for individual reasons, then need an individualized approach to recovery.

What is Speed Drug Abuse?

Woman at table with pills on it, hands on head dealing with speed drug abuse.You’ve heard of speed drug abuse. But it is also referred to as meth abuse. Methamphetamine is one of America’s most significant drug problems. It is also one of the most commonly abused drugs.

Meth typically comes from Mexican or Californian superlabs. But the drug also comes from amateur labs, making every dose of speed drug abuse a gamble with unknown chemicals.

Most people engaging in speed drug abuse suffer mental illness. These illnesses include depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, psychosis and other addictions. Doctors and other addiction specialists call this self-medication. They abuse speed to help themselves feel normal but succeed only in gaining a dependence on top of the mental illness.

How Speed Effects Take Place

Speed drug abuse includes snorting, smoking, injecting or orally taking the drug. How the drug is abused influences the effects. Injecting meth leads to an almost immediate high, while snorting takes several minutes for the high to appear. Swallowing meth also delays effects by 20 minutes.

How long speed’s rush lasts also depends on its method of use. People who inject or smoke speed feel its rush for a few minutes. Using speed orally does not create a rush at all.

Speed brings many dangerous side effects. Death is the worst of these results, typically from ongoing meth abuse. Other side effects of speed drug abuse include:

  • High blood pressure, rapid breathing and fast heart rate
  • Sleeplessness
  • Confusion, paranoia, and aggression
  • Blood vessel, heart and brain damage
  • Hallucinations, anxiety, and psychosis
  • Movement problems
  • Dependence, addiction, and death

Much of speed’s damage is not reversible. The worst of these long-lasting problems from speed include mental symptoms, like delusions. The drug also causes agitation and panic attacks.

How Speed Works

Speed raises your dopamine levels. This increases your central nervous system’s activity. Dopamine is also the brain chemical responsible for a good mood and feelings of happiness. Meth enters your brain quickly and efficiently, thus causing its famous rush of positive emotions and euphoria.

Using speed for long periods of time causes severe changes in your brain. These changes take place in the cells and at the molecular level, in areas responsible for your emotions and memory. After long-term use, the structure of these areas of your brain also change.

Ending Your Speed Addiction for Good

If you or someone you love need recovery from speed, you need the help of quality drug rehab. Of course, this support starts at a detox center, where your body cleanses itself of speed and its toxins.

Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville, Florida helps you or the person you love to gain freedom from drugs and alcohol, including speed. This help begins with supervised medical detox at Tides Edge. Together, Tides Edge and Beaches Recovery provide the full continuum of care needed for healthy and strong sobriety.

Beaches Recovery programs include the education, support, and therapies you need for lasting recovery. You also never go through recovery alone when you go through Beaches Recovery’s accredited rehab programs. Programs that Beaches Recovery offer include:

Getting started in rehab proves difficult for many people. This first step into treatment is a big one. But you are not alone. Beaches Recovery helps people just like you understand how to take these first steps, starting with only a phone call.

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