She may need a teen drug rehab to address her drug problems.When it comes to teen substance abuse, it’s important to realize that they may need a focused treatment program in order to get the best care possible. Teens are going through a developmental stage filled with curiosity, impulsivity and issues with authority. If a young adult doesn’t go to the right type of teen drug rehab, there may be negative results. The good part about getting treatment at a young age is they have the best chances of regaining control of their lives. First, parents should understand how the disease of addiction works and what leads teens down a path of substance abuse.

Developing Brains May Need Extra Care

The human mind is much more complex than many of us give it credit for. From the ages of two to 11 or 12, the brain is in a very early stage where chemicals that produce pleasure are released for very simple reasons. This is why children get so excited about the smallest things. During puberty, the brain begins to mature and these chemicals don’t flow as easily, and some teens find that the best way to get pleasure comes from alcohol or drugs. This doesn’t always mean that a teen will become addicted, but they’re much more at risk because their brain is still developing.

Although traumatic childhood experiences can lead to drug abuse, it’s not always why young adults become addicted. Some who need a drug rehab simply have difficulty connecting with others and feeling comfortable in their own skin. Although a young adult may look as though they’re doing well on the outside, they may be dealing with a lot of inner turmoil. Drugs and alcohol can often make a them feel more comfortable, and it can get rid of feelings of loneliness, sadness and anxiety. The issue is they may become dependent on mind-altering substances to cope with their emotions.

Why a Teen Drug Rehab is Important

At a teen drug rehab that’s focused on younger adults, they will be surrounded by their peers, which is extremely important. During this time of brain development, the mind is naturally preparing the young person to detach from adults and become more independent. This is why so many teens have rebellious tendencies and issues with authority from adults. This also explains why many drug prevention methods are ineffective. At a treatment center, young adults can receive peer-to-peer support, which makes it easier for them to connect and see that they’re not alone.

Issues at a Non-Customized Teen Drug Rehab

When teens are mixed with adults, there can be many negative consequences. One of the issues with teens being around people who aren’t getting sober until they are 30, 40 or even 50 is that the young adult mind will often think that they don’t need to turn their life around yet. They may believe that they have decades of drinking and drug use left in them before they really have problems. The other issue is that sometimes teens will learn about harder, more dangerous drugs, and become more curious. This can lead to a teen wanting to try more substances before they decide to stop.

Addiction recovery can start at any age, and we’re here to help teens and young adults at Beaches Recovery. We have a beautiful, 30-bed facility with different levels of care so your teen can easily transition as they begin to strengthen their personal recovery. Our facility is fully accredited, so we work with many different insurance companies. You can call us today at 8666050532 for more information.