Detox massage helps release toxins from bodyRegular massages can be good for people in nearly any state of health. People going through addiction treatment can also benefit from massages, especially if they’re going through a detox program. Detox massage can help cleanse the body of toxins and push patients toward a healthier life in a natural way.

How Detox Massage Can Help You During Addiction Treatment

When people get a massage, their circulatory system is stimulated by someone who rhythmically rubs their soft tissues. The stimulation causes an increase of blood flow. This detox massage stimulation helps toxins such as addictive substances leave major organs faster and be expelled from the body. Going through with detox massage during treatment helps alleviate the pain involved with detox. It also allows patients to feel more relaxed.

After detoxing, massages can still be beneficial to get during your addiction treatment. Massage also impacts your health in many positive ways. Regular massages have been shown to reduce the symptoms of depression, tension, and, in some cases, anxiety.

Not All Addiction Treatment Centers Have Great Detox Massage Options

There are more than 80 different types of massage from all over the globe. Different massage produces different reactions in the body. Even if an addiction treatment center offers massage therapy, they may not offer the detox massage program that you need. You’re far more likely to find a high-quality massage therapy program at an accredited addiction treatment center like Beaches Recovery.

When an addiction treatment center has earned accreditation, it means that they’ve met all the standards set by an in-state medical board. Accredited centers have patients who achieve success because they have access to the best medical professionals and the most helpful treatment programs. These facilities are also likely to offer several different types of massage, all of which could be helpful for detoxing.

Combining Detox Massage With Other Treatments Will Put You On The Best Path To Sobriety

Even though detox massage can provide patients with many positives during their addiction recovery, massage shouldn’t make up the entirety of treatment. Massage is not meant to be a substitute for necessary behavioral or pharmacological therapy programs. The best recovery experience for you relies on a blend of programs that will help you heal your body, mind and spirit.

There are some addiction treatment centers, even accredited ones, that won’t offer massage therapy to their patients. While you could go outside the treatment center to get a massage, it’s far better for you to stay in the detox or rehab facility while you’re working through your recovery.

Beaches Recovery Can Provide You With The Care That You Need

At Beaches Recovery, we offer our patients a variety of treatment programs that can help them with their addiction treatment. Along with traditional approaches to treatment, we offer holistic approaches as well, including massage therapy, exercise-based therapies and art therapies. We allow our guests to use the programs they want and need in tandem in order to get the best recovery experience possible. No matter which programs they choose to take, they’ll be surrounded by experienced medical professionals who are dedicated to helping patients move onto a sober life outside the walls of our treatment center.

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been struggling with addiction. You can get the help you need and feel comfortable along the way. Don’t wait anymore. Call Beaches Recovery today at 8666050532 to learn more about the programs that we offer to all of our guests.