When you first began using cocaine and alcohol, you might have felt you could keep their use under control. Maybe you saw it as a casual, social treat. Then came the point where your use wasn’t that casual anymore. Over time, you needed to use to feel normal. That’s when you decided it was time to quit, but quitting wasn’t as easy as you’d thought. Rehab takes time and support. At Beaches Recovery, we have a cocaine and alcohol addiction treatment center for the support and tools you need to get back your life.

Guy on window seat staring out a window struggling with cocaine and alcohol addictionBeaches Recovery is an accredited, high-quality cocaine and alcohol addiction treatment center in Jacksonville, Florida. Our 90-bed facility is located on the beach, providing a calming, positive environment for recovery. Our programs focus on physical, spiritual and emotional health and include traditional, holistic and experiential therapies. We support you each step of the way. You are not alone in your journey from detox to a sober life.

How is Addiction to Cocaine and Alcohol Treated?

At Beaches, we are committed to helping our clients recover. Our individualized programs help our clients identify the reasons and triggers for their use of cocaine and alcohol. Clients then gain the tools necessary to deal with those triggers in a stress-free environment.

Our cocaine and alcohol addiction treatment center goal is to support you through the withdrawal and detox process and beyond. We assign a licensed, medical professional to each client to supervise each part of the recovery process. Our trained staff meets with you daily to discuss your progress and to make any alternations that might be needed. We treat your mental health disorders as well as your addiction to cocaine and alcohol since the two are usually interrelated.

Addiction Treatment Programs Offered at Beaches

At our cocaine and alcohol addiction treatment center, the program includes attention to our client’s individual needs. Our licensed therapists meet with clients to design the clinical program that will best treat their personal issues and addiction. We take the client’s cultural background, values, and personal relationships into account while constructing their treatment plan. Our programs include:

We know that addiction to cocaine and alcohol has different challenges for different groups. These challenges will not disappear once our client completes rehab, so our programs help our clients deal with those challenges while still being successful in their chosen fields. These programs include our executive cocaine rehab, our first responder alcohol treatment center program and our student addiction program.

What are the Steps Towards Rehabilitation?

At Beaches Recovery, we believe that rehabilitation includes the body, the spirit, and the mind. The process begins with our doctor-directed detox program. Our licensed therapist then helps the client identify the underlying issues related to the addiction through our dual diagnosis treatment program. A recovery program at Beaches includes client participation in individual and group therapy sessions as well as in many outdoor fitness therapy activities, art, and music therapies. We also provide family therapy, focused on improving damaged family dynamics. Once clients complete the residential program, they receive extended outpatient therapy and support. Our cocaine and alcohol addiction treatment center’s goal is to prepare our clients to live a positive, sober life with the right tools to confront the challenges real life poses.

Whether you have a particular addiction or suffer polysubstance abuse, Beaches Recovery is a high-quality cocaine and alcohol addiction treatment center in a luxurious facility with caring, sympathetic staff. Addiction to cocaine and alcohol does not have to rule your life. You can take back control. And you don’t have to do it alone. Give us a call at 866.605.0532 to begin your journey to a sober life.