It’s a common misconception that addiction only happens when you’re older. In fact, our Florida drug rehab center for young adults tells a different story. Drugs hook plenty of people who’re just starting out. Customized medical and clinical care is necessary.

Recognizing the Needs of Young Adults

Young person splitting a line of coke may need a Florida drug rehab center for young adultsTherapists at the Florida drug rehab center for young adults that Beaches Recovery operates understand your needs. You’ve been trying so hard to fit in. You’re also trying to keep up your grades. Maybe attempting to strike a balance between the two is what got you into trouble.

For other young adults, the workplace is an overwhelming experience. You don’t know how to handle the stress. You start leaning on a substance for help. Drug rehab for young adults helps you get out from under the addiction.

Why Choose a Florida Drug Rehab Center for Young Adults?

Addiction’s a disease that requires customized care. It’s difficult to heal when you undergo a rehab experience that’s more appropriate for someone who’s older. At Beaches Recovery, there are customized programs for a broad range of individuals. Examples include professionals, first responders, and students.

Moreover, the care you undergo must be comprehensive. Drug addiction doesn’t just affect the body. It also impacts the mind and spirit. Therefore, treatment must focus on the whole person.

Exploring Care Options for Your Recovery Needs

Drug rehab for young adults starts with detoxification. It’s the initial step that everyone must take. Breaking the physiological dependency enables you to undergo the clinical treatment next. We recommend medical detox versus cold turkey quitting because it is usually pain-free.

Also, a cold turkey approach could be dangerous. Depending on the drug you’ve been using, withdrawal symptoms may be overwhelming. If you’re trying to white-knuckle it at home without help, relapse is highly likely. This problem could jeopardize your health.

Detox takes about seven to ten days. Next, you undergo clinical care. Examples of treatment include:

  • Group therapy that features addiction education to help you see pitfalls well in advance
  • Individual therapy as a means of talking through your drug abuse and the situations that led up to it
  • Dual diagnosis treatment for young adults who present with co-occurring conditions such as depression or anxiety
  • Life skills training that helps you to transition back to school or work after discharge
  • Family therapy, which brings in those closest to you for the creation of a secure support network

Choosing a Level of Care That Makes Sense

Our Florida drug rehab center for young adults customizes not just modalities but also treatment delivery options. Drug rehab for young adults doesn’t necessarily have to take place at the facility. Beaches Recovery does, of course, offer residential drug rehab for program participants who need the around-the-clock care. However, there are other options, too.

When you don’t need care that involves a stay at the facility, you may do very well with a partial hospitalization program. You spend your day at the center but return home in the evenings. This program benefits individuals with a secure support network.

An intensive outpatient program is ideally suited for a young adult with a moderate addiction severity. You need to have a strong desire to heal. Program participants who do well with this setup typically live with supportive people. They’re not around their dealers.

How the Combination of Medical and Clinical Care Could Change Your Life

At Beaches Recovery Florida drug rehab center for young adults, you receive a full spectrum of care. In the process, you learn how to deal with cravings. You overcome the physiological and psychological addictions through targeted modalities. Drug rehab for young adults then focuses on helping you set goals for the future that you want to have.

There’s no reason why you should fear that your dreams derailed because of your drug use. Instead, our Florida inpatient program for drug and alcohol addiction can help those with the most severe substance abuse problems. Reach out to our Florida drug rehab center for young adults today to reserve a spot. Dial 866.605.0532 to connect with a Beaches Recovery intake counselor.