The Center for Behavioral Health Statistics found that more than 400,000 young adults reach out for treatment each year. If your substance abuse addiction has spiraled out of control, Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville has young adult rehab programs to help. Stop spoiling the splendors of your youth and start a renewed life with clarity. Our one-of-a-kind Florida center can give you the tools to resist addiction for a bright, fulfilling future.

Leaving the nest to transition from your teenage years to adulthood is hard. The stress of passing college courses, finding jobs, making new friends, and living away from home can be overwhelming. There’s no shame in having turned to drugs or alcohol to cope. According to SAMHSA, 21.5% of United States citizens ages 18–25 have used illicit drugs in the last month. But alcohol, opioids, marijuana, cocaine, tobacco, and other substances are highly addictive with bad influences on your still developing brain.

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You may wonder when your casual drinking or taking drugs warrants rehab. Admitting yourself to Beaches Recovery is a smart step whenever your substance use has negative life impacts. Your desire to get high or drunk starts becoming your primary concern. Duty to school, work, family, and friends take a back seat. Therefore, you might find yourself in a web of lies, breaking commitments and hiding your addiction. The need for your next hit can cause risky behaviors, including breaking the law.

Maybe you’ve tried to quit but can’t because you notice physical dependence. Addiction is a powerful cycle that’s hard to derail alone–especially because long-term drug or alcohol use can cause withdrawal symptoms when you stop. Withdrawal symptoms like nausea, insomnia, anger, depression, and migraines kick in within hours. The pain and intense cravings will often foil plans to get sober. Luckily, young adult rehab programs in FL provide a safe, comfortable setting to detox and quit for good.

Benefits of Choosing Young Adult Rehab Programs

Addiction leaves you feeling isolated and alone by straining your relationships. Young adult rehab programs fix this, though, by connecting you to other people your age. In addition to peer support, you’ll meet with counselors who understand what this pivotal part of life is like. Beaches Recovery encourages young adults to develop healthy life coping and relationship skills. You can learn to conquer your addictive personality to prevent relapsing as you mature.

Our young adult rehab programs put a greater emphasis on family counseling services. Thus, we get parents and guardians involved to mend old conflicts and traumas that may have caused addiction. Beaches Recovery follows a whole-person approach to substitute drugs with exciting hobbies from music to sports. We prioritize education, so we arrange treatments around school responsibilities. One-on-one coaching can help you stay on academic track for your career goals. Above all, young adult rehab programs assist you in finding your self-worth, confidence, and perseverance.

Young Adult Rehab Program Treatment Methods

At Beaches Recovery, our young adult rehab programs in FL offer the full continuum of holistic healing methods from detox to aftercare. Our highly trained staff will adapt a customized plan for every 18 to 25-year-old’s unique needs. We use many types of therapy to treat addiction and co-occurring disorders like anxiety.

Insurance partners, such as Aetna, Magellan, and Cigna, help cover the treatments explicitly tailored to young adults. We stay informed of the latest research on various rehab modalities, including:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy: This is a short-term, goal-oriented therapy that helps patients identify and change negative thinking and behavior patterns.
  • PTSD and trauma therapy: We offer a variety of methods to help young adults heal the traumas of their past, including eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), experiential therapy, and equine therapy.
  • Anger management: Many of our young adult patients have never learned how to deal with their anger in a healthy way. Therefore, we teach them techniques like deep breathing and visualization to help them control their emotions.
  • Rope course therapy: We have a ropes course that helps patients build trust, confidence, and teamwork skills.
  • Fitness therapy: We believe that physical activity can help heal the body and mind. Consequently, we offer a variety of fitness classes to help our patients get in shape and stay sober.
  • 12-step recovery program: We offer a 12-step program to help patients develop a support network and learn how to live a sober life.
  • Family and group therapy: We believe that family and friends play a vital role in recovery. Therefore, we offer family therapy to help patients repair their relationships and group therapy to help them develop a support system.

Get Sober Today With a Young Adult Addiction Treatment Center in Florida

Addiction left untreated now can worsen later in life. Don’t let your substance dependence ruin your child’s chance at success. Our high-quality young adult rehab programs in FL can help you or your child overcome drug and alcohol use.

Beaches Recovery is Joint Commission accredited for inpatient, outpatient, and detox services at Tides Edge. Our premier facility also heals with fun activities like surfing and hiking that evoke happy childhood memories. Call us today at 866.605.0532 to learn more about our young adult rehab programs.