can-you-use-beacon-health-options-insurance-for-drug-rehabDrug rehab can be a stressful process. Figuring out how to pay for drug rehab can make the recovery process far more challenging. However, using Beacon Health Options for drug rehab is an option. It can help pay for drug rehab and other stages in the addiction treatment process.

How To Use Beacon Health Options For Drug Rehab

The Affordable Care Act requires all health insurance providers to offer some sort of substance abuse treatment coverage. How much coverage an insurance company provides depends on the insurance plan and the rehab facility chosen for addiction treatment. No matter what insurance plan you have, your insurance may not offer complete coverage for your addiction treatment. Any coverage, however, is going to be better than paying all the treatment costs.

First you have to find a facility that accepts Beacon Health Options for drug rehab. If you decide to enter treatment at a drug rehab center that won’t take your insurance, you’ll have to cover all of the treatment costs on your own. Most rehab facilities will confirm what health insurances they accept.

The Best Place For You to Enter Treatment If You Want to Use Beacon Health Options For Drug Rehab

Beaches Recovery accepts Beacon Health Options plans. Our Jacksonville, Florida facility provides clients with the best treatment programs possible. Combining evidence-based programs—such as cognitive behavioral therapy—with holistic programs like art therapy or equine therapy helps clients learn how to maintain their sobriety while keeping them busy and comfortable. Each program adapts to each client’s needs. We provide help to anyone in the United States that struggling with alcohol, methamphetamine, cocaine, or opiate addiction.

No matter what addictive substances are involved, patients can work with us through multiple stages of the recovery process. Once inpatient drug rehab is completed, clients can move into outpatient programs, transitional living, or even sober living. Medical staff will be there to determine whether or not a client is ready to shift into the next stage of their recovery.

Beaches Recovery Can Help You Figure Out Your Coverage

Talking with your health insurance company about treatment costs can be stressful. Dealing with both addiction and an health insurance coverage could even get overwhelming, to the point where you might begin to think that the treatment isn’t worth it. Since we’ve worked with many patients and insurance providers in the past, we’ll be able to work with Beacon Health Options to get the most coverage possible.

You don’t have to take on the burden of paying for drug rehab alone. Your Beacon Health Options Insurance can be used to pay some of the costs involved with addiction treatment at Beaches Recovery. Call Beaches Recovery today at 8666050532 to find out more about insurance verification.